Bienvenue! Welcome to Ce Soir and Ce Soir Arts!

Aeon and Mireille welcome you to Ce Soir. Happy Holidays!

We are Aeon and Mireille Jenvieve-Woodford, happy residents of SecondLife and we welcome you to Ce Soir and Ce Soir Arts! Opening Day is 5th January and you’re invited!

We have the inimitable Russell Eponym, winner of the 2011 Avi Choice Award for Favourite Male Musician as our opening performance. Russell will play his magical guitar and both enliven and soothe us with his velvety voice at 2 PM SLT. Don’t miss this hour with “The Music Whisperer” for folk, blues, and beyond!

At 5 PM, Christopher135 Quan will share his lovely piano and vocal stylings with us. Christopher has been a professional musician for 30 years, and he has won many awards for both writing and performance. His work is both intimate and professional, a wonderful combination! Come, let him touch your heart with song.

Skye Galaxy – a singular talent, to be sure – will step to the piano at 6 PM SLT. Skye will fill Ce Soir with power and grace as he deftly plays and beautifully sings some of the most moving and transcendent music you will ever hear. We still remember the first time we heard Skye: it was breathtaking. We relive the experience anew each time we hear him, and we invite you to join us on the journey. You’ll not soon forget it as you navigate the landscape of your soul during this magical hour.

Then, at 8 PM SLT, sound jeweler MoShang Zhao will join us for an elegant slide into the night with his entrancing “Chinese Chill.” Unique and enchanting, MoShang’s music will both energise and soothe us – a fine combination to end any day, but especially this opening day for Ce Soir. His blend of inspirations will speak to us and leave us refreshed like a cool spring rain.

Please do join us! As you visit Ce Soir, you will note that the venue has as its underlying theme, “Les Mystères des Ténèbres et de la Lumière” – “the mysteries of darkness and light.” This is portrayed by the grey base of the décor and reflected in the plantings and thematic representations found around the grounds. Visitors are to be encouraged to travel about and enjoy several little nooks with dancing and other sweet animations (from some of the premier animators in SL) for singles and couples – and to enjoy the darkness and the light that emanate (as if by magic)  from the area, especially in the midnight hour. We have taken care with appointments from several of the many  fine creators in SL, and trust that our visitors will enjoy their time here. A special post will be added soon – a tour of Ce Soir and the creators whose work or assistance has been brought together to bring this special place to life. We appreciate them all…but two need mention from the start.

Ce Soir would not be in this moment were it not for the beautiful build that is its centrepiece: The Hall of Mysts by Alia Baroque at Fallen Gods. Although we had been dreaming of starting a music and arts venue in SecondLife for some time, it was not until the night I first saw The Hall of Mysts that the fire flamed high enough to get us moving. I was simply looking for some candles at Fallen Gods when my eye wandered to the builds vendor. I had to go rez it and walk inside and feel its presence. I did. And the rest, as “they” say…is history. Thank you, Alia. Magnifique!

Also needing mention is the wonderful work of Garvie Garzo at MeadowWorks. The beautiful grey and green grasses are hers – along with the base texture of the grounds and that incredible “non-pond” that swirls with fog and draws us near. Add to that the trees nearby, teeming with bats and shading the overall dark tone of that side of the venue space, and it’s quite something to behold. Garvie’s beautiful path wends its way around the main venue and takes us wherever we wish to go. Not only these things but her presence and inspiration have added so much to Ce Soir and its ambience. Brava, Garvie! And thank you!

We welcome artists from a range of genres and media to Ce Soir to share their vision and creativity with us – musicians, photographers, writers, painters, sculptors, dancers, actors, builders…and more. IM us in-world if you have suggestions regarding artists; we welcome your thoughts. It looks like 2012 will bring us all much to explore and enjoy!

NOTE: SecondLife is a registered trademark of Linden Labs. We are not formally affiliated with Linden Labs and no infringement of their rights is intended.

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