Opening Night…

"Dance with me!"

What a lovely time we had for our opening day and evening! Such wonderful music, so many wonderful friends! I had a case of the jitters beforehand, but Aeon and I danced before anyone arrived, and worries just melted away.

Before I go further,  I must make mention of one sad note: all my photographs from the event are lost. We had a small (or not so small) power surge in our area due to a freakish storm that came up just as we were logging off. It was horrible…but at least the timing was good! Still, my photos (likely 100 of them!) are lost forever…along with many other things on the hard drive of that (may he rest in peace!) computer. Oh, how I wish I’d have saved those photos to my Inventory! I hardly ever do that, but it would have been a good idea that night… But back to happier news – Ce Soir and the day itself!

Many visitors dropped in to wish us well, and several stayed for more than one show. There were not many individual crashes over the day (about which we are aware), and the sim behaved beautifully throughout. We restarted twice (during pauses between shows), and that seemed to keep us on an even keel. We are so pleased about that, and pledge to do all we can to keep Ce Soir as low-lag as possible – whilst also keeping it magical…

Russell Eponym opened the venue with his wonderful mix of “folk, blues and beyond.” Things went smoothly and a fun-loving crowd gathered early – so as not to miss a single note! Russell’s warmth is infectious, and those who gathered genuinely enjoyed the hour. It flew by, as The Music Whisperer and winner of the 2011 Avi Choice Award for Favourite Male Musician enchanted us with intricate guitar stylings and velvety vocals. Russell dedicated a lovely song to Aeon and me, and we so enjoyed that. Needless to say, we are all looking forward to Russell Eponym’s return engagement at Ce Soir on Wednesday, 11th January at 2 PM SLT. Please join us!

Christopher135 Quan next took the stage on opening night, deftly playing our lovely Musical Alchemy piano and delighting us with his resonant and expressive voice. A consummate professional musician, Christopher is a pleasure to hear. His choice of selections for opening night was impeccable, and we enjoyed every moment of his exceptional and soulful performance. The melodies from that hour keep playing in my head and the smiles just won’t fade. We can’t wait to have Christopher back again, so watch the blog for an update soon!

We could not believe how quickly the night was going. With many details to attend to and such outstanding music to enjoy, Aeon and I were quite pleasantly surprised by how much FUN having a music and arts venue can be! It’s the music and art, of course, and the ambience of the place as the hours pass and day turns to night, the sky morphing in its beautiful dance with darkness and light. But it’s more than that. To see people gather from across the grid…from across the world…to greet them and watch them enjoying themselves is such a treat, and one that we hope to enjoy for a very long time to come.

Ce Soir was host next to the phenomenal Skye Galaxy. A singular talent, this young man takes our breath with his music and presence. Those first tones float from the stream, evoking chills of anticipation amongst those who have heard Skye before; the electricity of it is palpable to all as the journey begins. Aeon and I will always remember the first time we heard Skye play and we will never forget this night, surrounded by those first notes and knowing what lay ahead. Skye never disappoints, and the sheer art of his music filled the air for an hour of magic. His vocal range, amazing control, and the encompassing nature of it all together is stunning. Ce Soir was made for this. Look for more Skye Galaxy concerts in the schedule – and soon!

I was brought to tears at several points over the day, so moved by the wonderful music and art we had managed to gather in one place. It wasn’t just that, though…it was the realisation that (as the old saying goes) the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I know every centimetre of the venue space by heart, but looking over it all at once is sweetly overwhelming to me. And when you are there, I am filled wth such joy to see you smile!

We had a perfect end to the day, with The Sound Jeweler, MoShang Zhao on stage. He offered us an elegant slide into the night with his entrancing “Chinese Chill.” MoShang lives in Taiwan and collects rough audio diamonds from the streets – overheard conversations, street-ads blared from the ubiquitous blue-trucks, street processions or funeral chants. He fuses them with traditional Chinese instruments and laid-back beats to create a sound unique and enthralling; this downtempo electronica both energises and soothes – a perfect combination to punctuate the close of the day. We hope MoShang will become a regular at Ce Soir, so look for the upcoming schedule soon!

The comments we have received from those visiting Ce Soir touch our hearts. The kindness is quite moving and we feel happy knowing that people are enjoying the venue. We thank each one of you for sharing your experience with us. So far, we have also received two notes about things we could change to make it all better. We especially appreciated knowing that our special lighting needed to be dimmed to enhance the guest experience. It is the perspective of us all that makes it work, so please let us know your thoughts.

Well-known and gifted artist Loquacia Loon has select pieces on display in the venue’s guest gallery. Her SL photography is striking in its range and focus, so don’t miss it as you walk the grounds. We have taken some of her work to display in our personal home and are quite pleased with the effect they have on the envionment there. Beautifully done, Loquacia!

We thank you all for such a warm welcome to the live music and arts community in SecondLife. We are making new friends and enjoy that immensely; you are all welcome here. Indeed, we feel grateful to all who visit Ce Soir; it is a gift you give us. As the new year moves on, we welcome you! Your presence is requested…

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