This coming week at Ce Soir…

Mid-January at Ce Soir will be anything but dull. Besides the wonderful photography of well-known artist Loquacia Loon gracing the guest gallery, we have some outstanding music to share with you. Come along and enjoy!

TUESDAY 17 JANUARY will bring the return of Quantamis Navarathna to the Ce Soir stage. This talented Texan will delight us with his unique and enchanting blend of acoustic folk, soft rock, alternative, Spanish classical and Renaissance Romantic – with a wee bit of warm Texas country thrown in. The experience is charming, to say the least. This is music that delights the ear – his covers as well as his lovely original compositions are a pleasure. If you’ve not heard Quantamis, be sure to catch him here at 6 PM SLT!

Then, at 7 PM SLT, PM Bookmite will make his debut at Ce Soir. We have known PM for some time and are thrilled to have him join us! His music is simply: lovely. PM (Phillip Mitchell in first life), is a seasoned singer-songwriter influenced by a broad range of artists; Leon Russell, Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Billy Joel and Elton John to contemporary artists such as Gabe Dixon, Jeff Black, and Ben Folds come to mind. His originals are sweet and warm, carrying themes from tender love to the sadness of breaking up – the journey of life.  Always reflective and moving, PM‘s music will speak; come listen…

On WEDNESDAY 18 JANUARY, the day begins at 2 PM SLT with the astounding JordanReyne Deezul. Her industrial-folk music is a transcendent blend of dark electronica, folk noir, and industrial influences; steam and other factory sounds are part of her musical landscape. Ethereal Celtic melodies weave themselves over and through a rhythmic base of sound that will take your attention; her powerful voice is as inviting as it is electric. Come to Ce Soir and share the hour with JordanReyne and enjoy her special brand of musical magic.

Next, at 3 PM SLT, we are joined once more by The Music Whisperer, Russell Eponym. His inimitable style – warm and inviting – will captivate us, as always. Historical folk tales set to music and modern tunes are but a part of his repertoire, as Russell’s own compositions are the highlight of his performance. A consummate artist, Russell Eponym charms audiences with his velvety voice and pleasing mix of “Folk, Blues and Beyond.” Come enjoy with us!

At 4 PM SLT, Bright Oh steps to the Ce Soir stage in a return engagement. This well-known singer/songwriter is a story teller in the finest tradition of…well of himself. Bright’s show flows easily between ballads and mid-tempo rock, woven with stories and tales that make audiences across the grid laugh – and cry. His work with beloved band SOAR (Somerset, Oh and Rhode) is known and admired by many. Bright’s performances with SOAR and on his own enchant, with lyrics that touch your heart, melodies that linger on, and harmonies from another time. Please join us for another hour with Bright!

THURSDAY 19 JANUARY is a day not to be missed at Ce Soir! Legends begin with talent and skill, and Tukso Okey is a musical legend in both SL and FL. His mesmerising sound is daring and original – a musical genre all its own. Tukso is a one-man band, playing every instrument you hear himself. He is a guitar vituoso and his rhythms are undenaiable. Earthy and ethereal at the same time, Tukso with his music takes listeners on an unforgettable journey. Come…experience Tukso Okey at 6 PM SLT. We are thrilled to have him – and you – in the house!

Then, at 8 PM SLT, The Sound Jeweler – MoShang Zhao – joins us again for what I call an elegant slide into the night. MoShang lives in Taiwan and collects rough audio diamonds from the streets and fuses them with traditional Chinese instrumentation and laid-back beats. His Chinese Chill is a sound unique and enthralling; this downtempo electronica both energises and soothes. What a perfect combination to punctuate the close of the day. Please join us…Ce Soir

As you can see, Ce Soir continues our tradition (young, though it may be!) of hosting an eclectic mix of outstanding artists from around the grid – from around the world. In addition, please come round to the venue whenever you like; the grounds have been designed with your enjoyment in mind. Bienvenue! Welcome!

Please note: SecondLife is a registered trademark of Linden Labs. We are not formally affiliated wth Linden Labs and no infringement of their rights is intended. Indeed, we are happy residents of SL and invite you to join us, if you’re not yet a resident. Visit to register and take on an avatar for free.

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