Playing with logos…

Ce Soir is our dream, something we have wanted to do for some time. When we saw Alia Baroque’s The Hall of Mysts, we knew we were ready. We prepared for our opening of Ce Soir Arts for months, asking friends and experts we knew for guidance. The actual creation of the grounds and the venue itself took the most time and – with autumn holidays in the US and winter holidays around the world – a couple of things slipped into the background. One of those things truly needed to be addressed and we’re about doing that, right now: making a logo for Ce Soir.

It is a joy to look over photographs and brainstorm ideas, but something needs to be together soon – for we are into our second full week now, and people are asking for our logo. So…the latest one appears here. We’re not completely certain about it, but we like it ever so much more than our first attempt! We have a wonderful logo and texture artist looking at it now, so there may be minor to major changes in the logo soon – but we wanted to fly this for all visitors to see. Please comment if you have an opinion or suggestion. If you’d rather, IM one of us in-world; we will welcome hearing from you!

2 thoughts on “Playing with logos…

  1. It would be better to spend your time on due diligence and find a unique slogan to match your name “Ce soir”. The one you are using is just a reversal of the slogan used by DNA **Arts and Music Fusion** “Bringing Life to Art and Music” This slogan was carefully researched by owners Dyce and Armany for months to ensure it was unique. It seems a pity two such creatives as Mireille and Aeon could not do the same.

  2. Thank you, Grail, for your concern, but I assure you we did not intend to infringe on anyone’s intellectual property rights; however, to avoid even the hint of such, we have changed our tagline in all the places we know it is present. Some of these changes have already taken place, but others (pardon the SL pun) lag a bit. Soon, the system will catch up and all will be well. Please do not assume the worst of people; we never do. Enjoy the lovely spring and the plethora of wonderful music and art present in both worlds! – Mireille

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