Last Night (19 January) at Ce Soir: The Music of Tukso Okey and MoShang Zhao

UPDATE! Last night was more than special, as music legend Tukso Okey joined us for the first time at Ce Soir. We were thrilled to have him in the house and so looked forward to enjoying an hour of his transcendent and mesmerising music. He played Ce Soir at 6PM SLT…and what an hour it was! His music is so BIG…a sound that enraptures the soul and makes the body move. Such dancing and exuberance swept through the hall! And yet, Tukso‘s gentle spirit infused the sheer electricity of the experience with peace. The combination: entrancing! The freedom you feel opens you to the music. Aeon says that Tukso IS the next generation of blues…and so much more. I concur!

If you’ve not heard Tukso, you must join us for his return engagement at 2 PM SLT next Wednesday (25 January)! And even if you have heard him, you likely will want to be here to hear him once more, as his infectious sound inspires a desire to hear him again and again. That earthy and ethereal music is a journey you don’t want to miss – and he’s playing from the gazebo in our first outdoor concert. We can’t wait!

Back to last night…for we want to share the magic! The wonderful MoShang Zhao returned to enchant us again with his unique and lovely Chinese Chill. What a pleasure it is to be wrapped in The Sound Jeweler’s music! It is at once energising and soothing to the spirit. His blend of downbeat electronica is quite a way to close the day…or to enjoy anytime! We like it so much that MoShang is a regular on Thursday nights at Ce Soir. Come join us next week and enjoy these audio jewels that have been plucked from the streets of Taiwan and polished to perfection by MoShang‘s musical talent and skill. Please do join us this coming Thursday (26 January at 8 PM SLT) as we usher in The Year of the Dragon in style!

As I said below in this week’s line-up, it was not going to be a dull mid-winter week. How right I was! From the first note of Quantamis Navarathna‘s charming blend of classical, medieval, and modern influences, we began the adventure! Enchanted by his covers and originals alike, we then enjoyed the lovely piano and vocal stylings of singer/songwriter PM Bookmite, who made his Ce Soir debut with grace and beauty. His compositions are simply gorgeous. Ah…what music filled the air that night!

Wednesday, it was the astounding JordanReyne Deezul whose return to Ce Soir got us going with her unique and moving industrial folk music – a dark electronica filled with light. We are always happy to see and hear Jordan, and the magic hour sped past. Soon it was time for The Music Whisperer to grace the stage once more. Always a joy, Russell Eponym and his lively audience brought their usual best to bear and we had a wonderful time! His “folk, blues and beyond” is always welcome here! Wrapping up the night in breathtaking ballads, Bright Oh sent us off with beautiful melodies that do indeed linger on. The surprise of the night was his newest song, performed here at Ce Soir for the first time anywhere. It was a treat that we look forward to enjoying again soon…and often!

So…join us, won’t you? And if you happen by when no concerts are scheduled, you have the venue grounds to explore. Please, linger and have a look around. Visit the Ce Soir Guest Gallery, where presently well-known photographic artist Loquacia Loon has placed a selection of her lovely work for you to enjoy. The pieces are also set to sale, so if you are looking for artwork to fill your home with wonder, don’t forget to step in and see what she has waiting.

We hope to see you at Ce Soir; next week’s schedule will appear here soon, but please come at your leisure and enjoy the ambience of the venue space; wander the grounds…dance…rest…enjoy!

One thought on “Last Night (19 January) at Ce Soir: The Music of Tukso Okey and MoShang Zhao

  1. Mirray and Aeon, you say the most deliciously lovely things about me and each performer you have play at Ce Soir. Thank you 🙂 It is my pleasure to sing to your ears and your hearts, at the very beautiful, Ce Soir.

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