Skye Galaxy – Live – at Ce Soir 23 January

Skye Galaxy at Ce Soir

Monday afternoon, and Ce Soir again welcomed the phenomenal Skye Galaxy at 3 PM SLT. A singular talent, this young man takes our breath with his music and presence. Those first tones floated from the stream, evoking chills of anticipation amongst those who had heard Skye before; the electricity of it was palpable to all as the journey began. Skye never disappoints, and the sheer art of his music filled the air for an hour of magic. His vocal range, amazing control, spot on choice of covers and original compositions, and the encompassing nature of it all together was stunning – as it always is. We were happy to welcome Skye to our piano stage, and the audience that gathered was delighted as well. At one point, there were 64 avatars at the venue (an overall total of 72 through the concert), and all of us were focused on one thing: that sound! Indeed, you’ll not find a more entranced audience than Skye’s. Ce Soir was made for this, so look for Skye Galaxy to return…and soon!

Christopher135 Quan was scheduled to join us at 5 PM SLT, but he was a bit under the weather and so we have RESCHEDULED his performance to 01 February at 5 PM SLT. Please join us then to enjoy his beautiful voice and piano music. Both covers and originals are a pleasure to hear, and his musicianship shines through each performance. You won’t want to miss it! We send our warmest “Get Well Quick” to Christopher and wish him all the best!

It was another day in beautiful SL…balmy weather despite the local forecast, and wonderful music to surround us. All we can say is that we are very happy indeed that we took this leap into the SL music and arts scene. How rewarding it is!

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