25 January – a “red-letter day” at Ce Soir! FIVE SHOWS!

Are we crazy? We are hosting five wonderful shows today! From the first note to the last, it will be fun.

Russell Eponym opens the day for us at noon SLT. His inimitable style and warmth will fill the hall with lovely guitar and voice. Russell always plays an enchanting array of songs, each chosen carefully and well. He is often dedicating songs to members of the audience and we find that delightful indeed. His originals are the highlight of his shows and everyone enjoys them so! Please come along and enjoy The Music Whisperer as he enchants us!

Then, at 2 PM SLT, music legend Tukso Okey joins us for a concert at the Ce Soir gazebo. Just to the rear of the main venue building, the gazebo area will provide us with plenty of outdoor space for dancing and enjoying Tukso‘s transcendent and earthy sound. This music is unique and transfixing, a pleasure for the ear and soul. Please come along and let it take you where it will!


At 3 PM SLT, the astonishing JordanReyne Deezul joins us again for another session of her magical mix of dark electronica and steampunk rhythms – all overlain with beautiful Celtic melodies in her lovely voice that will remain with you. Factory sounds and more are part of her musical landscape and it will, altogether, delight you! We are pleased to invite her back, again and again, and we are sure you will enjoy this hour of her brand of musical magic.

We’ll break to restart the sim…and then return. We do hope that you will enjoy the journey of this day with us! It’s going to be amazing – at least, a lot of fun with some incredible music streaming LIVE into Ce Soir!

Return at 5 PM for an hour with SL rockstar Edward Kyomoon. This technical wizard brings much to his music – the voice, the lush guitar, piano…it’s all there for you to enjoy. Dance! Sing along! Edward‘s covers of such bands as Pink Floyd and Blue October are just the beginning. His originals are inspiring and wonderful to hear. See you at 5 PM SLT, Ce Soir main stage!

Ex FM!

Then…something wholly new at Ce Soir: Ex FM Radio broadcasts LIVE from our stage with musicologist Experiment Rhode at the helm. Focusing tonight on the music history of bands and musicians from the 70s and 80s, Ex will share such interesting information whilst we listen to the music of the era. Want to know more about Pink Floyd? Led Zeppelin? Ce Soir is Ex FM Radio central for two hours starting at 6 PM SLT. Don’t miss it!

SLurl to the main venue entrance:


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