GINA STELLA, BRIGHT OH and MoShang ZHAO – all LIVE at Ce Soir

UPDATE: After last Wednesday…not much can phase us. It was – plainly put – an AWESOME day! And the wonderful artists who played for us brought in some amazing audiences! It was fast-paced and fun, and we would not have missed the experience for anything! Afterward,Aeon and I needed some sleep (seriously!). So we slowed it down a wee bit – for just a little while…

Quieter, perhaps, but Thursday at Ce Soir last week held wonder in store!

Musician Gina Stella

Gina Stella made her Ce Soir debut a couple of weeks ago (has it really been that long?!). A dazzling yet gentle presence, Gina is an accomplished and beloved musician. We are thrilled to welcome her back. Gina’s angelic sound is Gina’s own. She embraces music with all she is, and it embraces her right back. This is heard in the diversity of her set, both her originals and cover tunes. Her music is heartfelt and you will want to hear her over and over again. What sweet, sweet music fills the air when Gina is here, and that night was no exception. We admit we have been wondering about Thursdays, but…true to form…Gina’s fans and friends come round and bring their lively spirit with them. And a good time was had by all!

Bright Oh

None other than the charming Bright Oh took the Ce Soir stage next. This well-known singer/songwriter is a story teller – and one unlike any you have likely heard before! His warm banter is just as much a part of the show as his lovely music. Bright’s show flows easily between ballads and mid-tempo rock, and is woven with stories and tales that make audiences across the grid laugh – or cry. (You really do have to make his show – just so you can find out which!) His work with beloved band SOAR (Somerset, Oh and Rhode) is known and admired. Bright’s performances with SOAR and on his own enchant, with lyrics that touch your heart, melodies that linger on, and harmonies from another time. You never know just what he might say, but it’s all good!

MoShang Zhao

Wrapping the night in silken threads, The Sound Jeweler MoShang Zhao returned for his weekly show to enchant us with his unique and lovely Chinese Chill. It is music that is at once energising and soothing to the spirit. We never tire of MoShang‘s sound, finding it more than delightful. His blend of downbeat electronica is quite a way to close the day…or to enjoy anytime! Come enjoy these audio jewels – an array of sounds that that have been plucked from the streets of Taiwan and polished to perfection by MoShang‘s musical talent and skill. He shared some really interesting information about his music creation process, and we ushered in The Year of the Dragon in style!

It was indeed quite a week at Ce Soir. Please visit us whenever you like; wander the grounds and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Ce Soir. Visit the Guest Gallery and see the lovely photography of well-known RL and SL artist Loquacia Loon while you are here…and look for a blog article by her soon!

Our best to you!

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