NOTE: Much of this was written in the evening and night of 30 January…but, as you will see, it was concluded following the turn of the clock into another day. The sun is chasing the moon, and another day has begun…

A little dancing...

30 January, 3:30 PM SLT: Aeon and I are relaxing following a wonderful hour with TwinGhost Ronas on stage at Ce Soir. We find that we are just thinking and feeling and being, right now. It seems a perfect interlude as his was the only show today and we’re taking tomorrow off. This moment, then, is indeed a precious one, for we have a space for breathing and looking long into one another’s eyes and dreaming. We are reveling in it together and dancing in the calm of it.

TwinGhost Ronas

TwinGhost‘s music is leading-edge and so deeply satisfying, that we are truly taken by it – and by the artist himself. He ended his set today with the beautiful, mesmerising “Live Again,” one of his many outstanding original compositions. It was thrilling to experience the entire set, but this last song was a powerhouse for us, personally.We can both hear those last words…”Love…love…love…love…” echoing softly down the halls. On its own, this song is  transcendent – but combined with all the music we have heard these past weeks, with all the spirits who have graced the stage here and all the people who have gathered and danced and laughed and cried in this space… Well, it’s sobering in a very sweet way that demands we pause to look.

Aeon and I love music and appreciate art of every genre (and much that defies categorisation).  Beauty is precious like a rare gem, even though it surrounds us every day. It’s everywhere, shining through the hours of darkness and light, filling us with so much grace we can barely take it in. And yes, it is “in the eye of the beholder” as the old saying (credited to everyone from the ancient Greeks to Margaret Hungerford) goes. ‘Tis true that perspective and the turn of personality make a grand difference in, well, just about everything; beauty, then, is no exception. But then, your definition of what is beautiful is as valid to you as ours is to us, and – as far as we’re concerned – it’s all good; very good, indeed.

Tastes vary, of course. That is part of the magic! For us, we find much to enjoy about all music, dance and art of every type – the simple and complex, the colourful and drab, the expressive that is filled with the artist’s voice and the silent that awaits our own. We like music that is light and fun – and music that is dark and challenging. We like dance that lifts us and dance that brings us to our knees. We like art that draws upon sweet nature and upon the deeper, darker motivations of people and animals. We like all of this that makes us feel good, happy, sad or angry – and that makes us feel anything or nothing at all, that may release us from the cares of the day or turn us toward thinking about deep things that are close to the bone. In short…we like it all, for we see the only truth there really is and beauty – real beauty – in it all. My brother (at once a silly man and one with a profound spirit) once said that truth might not always be pretty, but it is always beautiful. We could not agree more, and find how blessed we are…

So much has happened in our lives lately, and all of it incredibly rich and inspiring. We are amazed, and at this hour, almost in shock. We need a moment, and so shall take one in the peace of this night and the vibrancy of tomorrow. Come to Ce Soir and enjoy, but you will likely not find us there for a day. We will be, for much of the coming 24 – 36 hours, away. We will breathe salt air as we walk the beach, sip wine on the terrace, and marvel at the sun as he makes his slow arc across the sky, falling into night as he chases the moon and stars…

Simply, we have the best “jobs” in SecondLife. We meet and enjoy the music, art  and presence of some of the most gifted artists on the grid – or anywhere in the metaverse. We are allowed to see creation as it takes place, so often that it is stunning. It happens when only the artist is present and when crowds have gathered to witness it. And not only that, but we also get to know their managers and friends – a discerning collection of souls who breathe art and music like air. When they gather – most anywhere, and at Ce Soir – something happens. We feel it and we hope they do as well. Our dear friend (and the first performer to set foot on Ce Soir soil) the inimitable and erudite Russell Eponym, often says that venues are “where the magic happens.” He is so right, for these are places where artists and kindred spirits gather, where music fills the air and art lights up the night.

We revel in Ce Soir and find it captivating for a host of reasons; it was, after all, created for this very experience. But we travel around too, to other fine venues in SL to hear musicians who may be new to us or whom we’ve not seen for awhile. We were away for a time not long ago, and it is amazing how many new voices there are for us to hear! So many are very talented – with some astounding surprises along the way. You can look to hear several of these at Ce Soir…soon. Look for an increasing emphasis on literature and other art as well, coming on. The lovely Loquacia Loon has taken us on a journey of her enchanting photographic art this month, and we are seeking someone to follow her in the Ce Soir Guest Gallery…and there is something about poetry wafting by…

Fantastic Flowers by Loquacia Loon
Night in the City

Ah…it is “tomorrow” already. Aeon and I were talking, enjoying some wine and the way dusk creeps over the hills and out to sea here…a bit different than at home, where the city fills with night and lights pop, one by one by one to illumine the streets. The effect was still the same: the lullaby of sleep swept over us from the four corners of the earth, and we dreamed, this blog post open on the screen and unfishinshed until now.

Our last night home before this trip, it rained – a slow, rhythmic rain, uncommon in winter. We sat then, as we had been now, musing. As the moments passed, eventually midnight came to shroud us in softness and bid us rest, and we fell to sleeping in the quiet hours. Ah, rest! Sweet, sweet it is indeed. As the night wore on, dreams rose from our heads in lavender swirls, dancing about and leaving tender trails of light in the muted shadows of the room. At home, we slept on, but this is what woke me now at SLT 01:10, laptop humming calmly next to me, Aeon’s breathing like music in my ear.

We are so pleased to have this space to record these musings, these emotions that wrap us up in magic. Now and again, we shall note it here. Thank you for reading and for your presence with us. Today is a day off at Ce Soir and we shall take each hour as it comes. May peace fill each moment for us…and for you!


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