01 February: Lisa Brune and Christopher135 Quan Grace the Stage at Ce Soir

Lovely Lisa Brune

This will be another special day at Ce Soir! First, at 1 PM SLT, we welcome someone new to us – Lisa Brune. She may be new to the Ce Soir stage, but we’ve been hearing her across the grid and are delighted to bring her here! You must come hear her beautiful voice as she sings songs from artists such as Chris Isaak, Coldplay, Zero 7, Sia…and more. Lisa has that rich European sound that wraps itself around you and makes you sway in time to the smooth rhythms that fill the air when she sings. Her sound is unique, and one quite fitting the ambience of Ce Soir – lush and lovely. You don’t want to miss it, so come along and enjoy!


At 5 PM SLT, Christopher135 Quan returns for another engagement at Ce Soir. When he steps to the piano stage, you can be sure there will be beautiful music filling the hall – and dancing! Christopher brings us wonderful covers and originals that will warm your heart. His resonant and expressive voice leaves no room for doubt: Christopher is a professional musician of the highest caliber. An award-winning composer, he has treasures to share in genres ranging from blues to praise and worship. Every song is a joy. Come listen!

The venue space is open for you to wander and enjoy…and don’t forget that Loquacia Loon‘s lovely photographic art will be there for several more days. Drop in and look at her work…and if she’s there, she’d love to chat with you!

That reminds me. If you see us around, please don’t hesitate to IM or chat with us! We are here to make your stay at Ce Soir as wonderful and enjoyable as possble!

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