Thursday Magic at Ce Soir: MORE with Russell, Bright, and MoShang!

We have three of the finest creative spirits with us again today, and all three are regularly seen at Ce Soir. That’s by design, not accident, for each one brings something special for us to enjoy.

Russell Eponym

2 PM SLT: The inimitable Russell Eponym takes the stage once more to delight us with his enchanting “Folk, blues, and beyond.” This 100% acoustic, completely unplugged music is the signature of The Music Whisperer and we are always happy to hear it at Ce Soir. Russell is warm and inviting, and his music is the same. You will find yourself dancing or simply enjoying his set, your ear trained on his velvety voice. Whether he is plucking the strings of sweet “Martina,” his trusty Martin acoustic, or playing any of his other instruments (we admit to being a bit partial to “Monica,” the harmonica!), Russell’s sound is a true musical pleasure. His covers are well-chosen, his lovely originals the highlight of his performance. Come join us and enjoy as the Eponymous Family gathers. You’re invited!

Bright Oh

Next, at 3 PM SLT, we have the wonderful Bright Oh joining us. This is another not-to-be-missed hour of music that will please your ear and warm your heart. This well-known singer/songwriter is a story teller par excellence – and one unlike any you may have heard before! His warm banter is just as much a part of the show as his beautifully lyrical music. Time with Bright on stage flows easily between sweet, loving ballads and mid-tempo rock, and is interwoven with stories and tales that make audiences across the grid laugh – or cry. So touching is his music that you are bound to enjoy yourself…and today he has promised another NEW SONG for us to love! You must come and join us for the fun and beauty of the hour! (Oh. And M. Bright relates to my note about art that defies description -he (and the trio SOAR) have a headquarters in SL that is The Colour Factory. Look it up in search and you will see what I mean about defying description. HINT: read what they say about music and art at The Colour Factory. Now, off you go!)

MoShang Zhao

At 8 PM SLT, MoShang Zhao returns to Ce Soir with his unique and entrancing Chinese Chill. What a pleasure it is to be surrounded by music from The Sound Jeweler, for it is at once energising and soothing to the spirit. Immersion in his blend of downbeat electronica is a lovely way to close the day or enjoy anytime. We like it so much that MoShang is a regular on Thursday nights at Ce Soir. Wrapping the hour in silken tones, MoShang and his Chinese Chill is a must-hear. Come join us and experience these audio jewels that have been plucked from the streets of Taiwan and polished to musical perfection at the hand – and ear – of this talented and creative artist. Join us and relax!

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