Ahhhh…POETRY with Russell Eponym and Karima Hoisan

A couple of days off (well, more-or-less) have felt good as we embrace new surroundings during a bit of travel. We’ve been in SL planning and the like, and this coming week looks to bring some very special events to Ce Soir – and ones we plan to repeat and build upon as time goes by.

At 12 noon SLT on Monday 06 February, our dear friend Russell Eponym will drop in. He won’t be at Ce Soir to sing, however – although he will be sharing his wonderfully expressive voice. Russell’s acumen and experience in the arts are truly expansive, and his repertoire includes literature as well as music and other genres within the fine arts. An erudite and learned man who has taught professionally, Russell is first to read at Ce Soir, just as he was first to sing here.

The Reading Throne at The Magic Tree

Many know of Russell’s poetry and his readings of his own works as well as those of other gifted writers, and his recitations have been well-attended and received over the years at many fine venues. We now join the ranks of those venues and are pleased to do so. We hope you will join us for the first of many readings at Ce Soir, and trust that you will enjoy the ambience as we gather round the magic tree on the venue grounds. We’ll be easy to find and there will be comfortable seating for all, so come along and experience the magic of Russell’s work and readings!

Then…join us for more poetry on Wednesday 08 February when the gifted Karima Hoisan will bring her moving poetry to Ce Soir for a reading at 11 AM SLT. I attended one of her readings last month and was quite taken with it…and with her. She writes from various inspirations, but on that day – as she will on 08 February – Karima shared poems inspired by some truly striking works of art that she also displayed for each poem read. It was a lovely reading and the impact of both the aural and the visual was magnificent. Look for more about Karima and her work soon!

Please join us this week for both of these wonderful events at Ce Soir!

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