New Artist for the Guest Gallery: ROY MILDOR

Roy Mildor Exhibit Through 29 February

Now, and throughout the month of February, well-known photographer/filmmaker Roy Mildor is exhibiting some of his work in the Guest Gallery. Our second artist to display work here, Roy brings us some beautiful pieces. They are also for sale, so please stop by to view or purchase for your long-term enjoyment. You will be supporting solely the artist when you do buy, so please consider these works to add to your collection.

When I saw these photographs, I simply had to ask Roy to join us here; how happy we are that he agreed! Step into the gallery and enter a world of colour and image that will stay with you awhile. There are portraits – imaginatively posed and deftly photographed with colour and lighting to accurately depict a mood, a tone, an emotion. There are also landscapes – both real and imagined – that either juxtapose elements in ways that elicit response from the viewer or present a scene, just as it is, in the artist’s eye.

My favourite (ce soir!) is the beautiful, richly hued Piano (depicted above). This photograph moves me, as I hear music, watery and faint, rising from the scene…it gets stronger and more clear until it fills the air with song. I feel at once sad and joyous whilst gazing on this piece. Roy has graciosly allowed us to share it; please don’t miss its presence in the gallery.

We welcome Roy Mildor and his work to Ce Soir. He is likely to be at the venue now and again, so if you see him, please do say hello!

SPECIAL NOTE: Loquacia Loon, our dear friend and exceptionally talented photographic artist, was gracious enough to be our first artist to exhibit her work in our Guest Gallery at Ce Soir. We are forever in her debt for so doing, as we were very new and untried at the beginning. We thank you, Loquacia for your presence here and for your lovely art that gave us such a fine opening – and for so generously allowing us to learn about what to do and what not to do whilst you were here. Everyone, look for a blog post from Loquacia soon – for more of her artwork at Ce Soir, and for more about her work in this blog and (hint!) elsewhere…


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