Tuesday! Bright Oh at 5, Quantamis at 6, and PM Bookmite at 7

It’s Tuesday again…a day we really like around Ce Soir! This week it again brings us three of our favourites to sing (and talk!) their way – perhaps just a little bit deeper – into our hearts. They already reside there, of course, but a bit more of their magic won’t hurt a thing!

Bright Oh

At 5 PM SLT, M. Bright Oh takes the stage with his special brand of humor and music. Truly, there is nothing like an hour with Bright. Aeon always says, “Hey! Did it get brighter in here, all of a sudden, or what?!” whenever M. Bright enters the venue. We chuckle, but we know it’s true. His warm banter, genuinely caring engagement with the audience, and beautifully written and performed songs are more than a delight to all. His songs – whether wholly penned by himself or in collaboration with others such as fellow SOAR member Experiment Rhode – offer lyrics and music that will transport you beyond the workaday world. Come along and lend your ear. He’ll give it back – but not without filling it with lovely music first!

Quantamis Navarathna returns to Ce Soir at 6 PM SLT to weave his musical magic over us once more. An accomplished songwriter and musician, Quantiamis‘ lovely blend of acoustic folk, soft rock, alternative, Spanish classical and Renaissnce romance is enchanting. That hint of Texas charm infuses the whole with a certain je ne sais quoi that is very pleasing indeed. We admit to having some favourites like “Tossing Away the Hourglass,” a truly special song, but his entire show is a wonderful experience. Come along on the journey with Quantamis Navarathna and enjoy!

PM Bookmite at Ce Soir

At 7 PM SLT our long-time friend PM Bookmite will take the piano stage to deliver some of the finest music to be found anywhere. His is a sound that makes you want to dance or just sit down and listen. PM‘s melodic piano and voice both soft and sure will fill the hall. This  seasoned singer-songwriter has been influenced by a broad range of artists; Leon Russell, Tom Waits, Billy Joel, Jeff Black, and Ben Folds come to mind. His originals are sweet, warm and memorable with themes woven into the fabric of his set. It’s a luxurious tapestry of love, loss and the journey that is life. PM‘s music is ear candy at its sweetest; come listen!

See you…Ce Soir!

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