09 FEBRUARY: Gina Stella and MoShang Zhao return to Ce Soir

Wow, it’s been another great week at Ce Soir – another wonderful week that brought us poetry, music, art, friendship and fun. Before we fall to a recap, however, let us focus in on TODAY. It’s Thursday, and we can’t wait until tonight to hear once more the lovely sounds of Gina Stella and MoShang Zhao filling the hall at Ce Soir!

Gina Stella

At 6 PM SLT, the dazzling Gina Stella steps to the stage in an eagerly-awaited return engagement. An accomplished and beloved musician, Gina plays acoustic guitar to accompany the angelic voice that charms audiences across the grid. Her performances have been likened to those of musicians like Melissa Etheridge and Jewel. She may have an edge like the former and an ethereal voice like the latter, but make no mistake: Gina‘s sound is her own. Her love of music is evident in the diversity of her set and the engaging nature of her delivery. Indeed, both her beautiful original songs and eclectic mix of cover tunes are embraced by enthusiastic crowds who sing along and have numerous requests from her expansive repertoire. Gina Stella‘s music is heartfelt, her voice clear and sweet. Once you’ve heard her, you will want the experience over and over again, so don’t miss her tonight. Come dance to her tune and be delighted by both her music and infectious giggle. Help us welcome Gina Stella back to Ce Soir – you’re bound to enjoy every moment!


MoShang Zhao

Then, at his regular Thursday night time (8 PM SLT), The Sound Jeweler steps into the Ce Soir spotlight. MoShang Zhao will again enchant us with his cool electronica known as Chinese Chill. Both energising and deeply soothing, this music is a must-hear. You’ll find yourself swaying to the entrancing beat as the melodic tones of MoShang‘s musical artistry weave a soft silken cloud of sound around us. It is at once energising and soothing to the spirit. His blend of downbeat electronica is quite a way to close the day or to enjoy anytime. We like it so much that MoShang is a regular on Thursday nights at Ce Soir. Come join us and enjoy these audio jewels that have been plucked from the streets of Taiwan and polished to musical perfection. Please do join us at 8 PM SLT!


Thank you for reading, for supporting and encouraging live music and events in culture and the arts in Second Life. We so appreciate your kindness and hope that you will visit Ce Soir often; you are welcome here for concerts and events such as poetry readings and art exhibits – and just to enjoy the venue space and grounds.

Look for more varied events soon, and join us for our Valentine’s Day Party!

The celebration will begin with poetry from Russell Eponym at Noon and then resume with music from PM Bookmite at 4 PM, Christopher135 Quan at 5 PM and Skye Galaxy at 6 PM SLT. We cannot wait to see you all in your Valentine’s Day finerysweet love is definitely in the air at Ce Soir!

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