Nothing mundane about MONDAY around here! Three fabulous shows at Ce Soir starting at 6 PM SLT on 20 February!

Frankly, we just don’t believe in dull. Mundane is so…mundane! <insert crinkled nose here!> And boring? Well, we think boring is…well, boring – not to mention ridiculous! Who could be bored with all there is to do in life – and SecondLife™?! To prove the point, once again we have an amazing lineup of talented musicians (and photographic artist, Roy Mildor in the Ce Soir Guest Gallery!) to lift you from the mundane Monday, should you be having one! Come along and see what we mean. The fun starts on 20 February at 6 PM and goes for three full hours of musical magic.

TerryLynn Melody

First, at 6 PM SLT, the lovely TerryLynn Melody steps to the stage in a much-awaited return engagement. Her first show with us was just outstanding, and we look forward to enjoying another hour with her. TerryLynn performs music in an eclectic mix of covers from many genres and eras as well as her own compositions. We are taken by her beautiful voice and versatility, and are pleased to have her grace our stage once more. Her deep connection to the lyrical content of songs is evident in the covers she chooses and the originals she pens, and it’s no wonder she’s won awards for her singing and songwriting! Come enjoy a special hour with this lovely and talented musician. TerryLynn Melody‘s repertoire will amaze and her performance will delight! See you there!

Edward Kyomoon

Then, at 7 PM SLT, rocker and all-round musical dynamo Edward Kyomoon will take the stage at Ce Soir once more. Get ready, folks! Ed is as steady as they come, but he’s also full of wonderful musical surprises. This technical wizard brings the voice, the lush guitar, and the piano to his set. You’ll find yourself dancing and singing along. Edward‘s covers of such bands as Pink Floyd and Blue October will get your attention and hold it. His originals are touching, to say the least, and we’ll soon have him up on the video screen LIVE as he plays. (Maybe not this week…but soon!) This powerhouse gives us his all in hard rock anthems, bluesy serenades and heartfelt love songs. You won’t want to miss a minute of Edward‘s energy. See you at 7PM SLT, Ce Soir!

Tukso Okey

To put a definite exclamation point on the night, music legend Tukso Okey returns to Ce Soir at 8 PM SLT with his electrifying sound. This transcendent and mesmerising music is so BIG…a sound that enraptures the soul and makes the body move. And yet, Tukso‘s gentle spirit infuses the experience with peace. The combination: entrancing! The freedom you feel opens you to the music and you just HAVE to move! Aeon says that Tukso IS the next generation of blues…and so much more! Tukso plays a range of instruments and is a looping master. You don’t want to miss the TUKSO EXPERIENCE, so come join us at the Ce Soir gazebo for an hour that will enrich your musical palette with new and vibrant colours! Oh, yah!

See? Mondays are far from mundane! See you at Ce Soir!

SLurls for these concerts at Ce Soir

Main Venue Landing Point: 

(for TerryLynn at 6 PM SLT and Edward at 7 PM SLT, just go into the main venue building and up the stairs)

Gazebo Landing Point: (for Tukso, 8 PM SLT)

Gallery Entrance: (this month, Roy Mildor)

See the photographic art of Roy Mildor through February 29!

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