Busy times!

Lots is happening at Ce Soir, and all of it good. First, the MUSIC is incredible…ask cousin Silas, for he came to enjoy last night at Ce Soir too! It was so good to see him, to dance with him again as we did in our early days in SL. YAYA! And Aeon didn’t mind. (Thank you, Aeon, my love!)

Last night…what can I say? The place was rocking! You’ve heard of a double-header (baseball, I believe!), no doubt. Well, last night at Ce Soir was a TRIPLE-HEADER (or is that TRIPLE-THREAT?)! Whatever you call it, it was a great three hours of fantastic music, good company, and fun times!

TerryLynn Melody started us off with sweet, sweet music – and some with a little edge too! Several of her songs were what I call “think pieces,” for they do indeed engage the brain. Beyond that, they touch the heart, the spirit. I came away from her concert last night with a fresh outlook on things, and that outlook has taken root today. It’s always good to evaluate one’s experiences and to look back to learn before moving ahead. Look for a post soon on reminiscences and learnings from early days in SL – and since. The learning continues… Truly, TerryLynn‘s set last night was beautiful. She sang several of her original compositions including the delightful title song from her fabulous CD: “Watch That Turn.” Many of the women present really got into that song – as did the men in the audience. People gathered and danced, really touched by TerryLynn‘s sweet spirit and lovely music. She’ll be back at 6 PM SLT on 05 March, and we’re already looking forward to it!

And then, Edward Kyomoon! He rocked us and delighted us with an amazing array of great songs, just as he always does. I really grooved on the Pink Floyd last night – and then…he took to the piano again and simply whisked us away on the notes of his recently released composition “Aria for a Princess.” It is stunningly beautiful and whenever he plays it, we all just stop to take it in. Then, he jumps back to his guitar and we are off and rocking again! It’s quite a moving experience. And last night, that pony song at the end of his set was SOMETHING ELSE! We really loved it! WOOT! (And no, I am not going to tell you more about the pony song. You’ll have to come round and hear it for yourself, sometime! HINT: Edward is here every-other-Monday night at 7 PM SLT!)

We had two minutes to breathe and then…WHAM-O, it was TUKSO TIME at Ce Soir! As he took the stage, you could feel the ripple pass over the audience; we knew we were in for something good, and we were right! Tukso is one of those artists who sometimes just creates as he goes, and it is amazing to watch and hear that happen. Last night, he had his MOJO in high gear and we all knew it. He did some innovative suff, and it was outstanding, to say the least! Dancing and moaning, we rode the wave of The Tukso Experience and were swept to shore, enjoying every rise and fall of the journey. Fantastic! Tukso returns to Ce Soir o5 March too…so get ready, people!

THEN…we’re doing a couple of things that are new for us (well, we ARE new to the venue thing, after all!)! We’re participating in with the SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE Team in the SL-wide Relay for Life events upcoming in 2012. These quite successful efforts to raise funds for The American Cancer Society and those they serve with research and education programs make for one of the most interesting and valuable aspects of life in SL. Look for more information about our participation and upcoming events soon! Thank you, Still Braveheart, Syd Baddingham, Liz Harley, and Precious Rallier for your tireless work for the Team!

Nature's Hunt 2 My Wish is Music

THEN…we are taking part in the 2012 Nature’s Hunt 2: My Wish is for Music! This time, the hunt will include music venues and each one has an MP3 of an original song by one of SL’s premier artists as a prize! We are teaming up with the inimitable MoShang ZHAO, whose Chinese Chill relaxes and energises us every Thursday night at 8 PM SLT at Ce Soir. More information to come in a separate post soon, as the hunt begins 03 March and runs through the end of the month! Thanks to Resje Bailey, Lo Bloch, and Liz Harley for their outstanding help in getting us involved!

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