GINA STELLA and MoShang ZHAO Return to Ce Soir

Gina Stella

Some Thursdays are extra-special at Ce Soir, for on those days, the lovely Gina Stella steps to the stage at 6 PM SLT to fill the hall with angelic vocals and sweet guitar. It’s been two weeks, and we’re so happy the clock has come round again! While her sound has been (and rightly so) compared favourably to the powerful Melissa Etheridge and the ethereal-voiced Jewel, make no mistake: Gina‘s celestial sound is her own and both her originals and cover tunes are embraced by enthusiastic crowds. She loves requests and has an extensive and impressive repertoire of songs – both great covers and exceptional originals. Gina Stella‘s music is heartfelt, her voice clear and sweet and her guitar-playing melodic and rich. Once you’ve heard her, you will want the experience over and over again, so don’t miss her tonight. Come dance to her tune and be delighted by both her music and infectious giggle. Help us welcome Gina Stella back to Ce Soir – you’re bound to enjoy every moment!

MoShang Zhao

MoShang Zhao, a regular on Thursday nights at Ce Soir, returns again with his entrancing Chinese Chill. What a pleasure it is to be wrapped in music from The Sound Jeweler! It is at once energising and soothing to the spirit. His blend of downbeat electronica is quite a way to close the day or to enjoy anytime. We like it so much that MoShang is a regular on Thursday nights at Ce Soir. Come join us and enjoy these audio jewels that have been plucked from the streets of Taiwan and polished to musical perfection. Please do join us at 8 PM SLT! MoShang is partnering with us on the Nature’s Hunt 2 – My Wish is Music hunt this spring. We know everyone will love his original composition that is our joint gift in the hunt. Sinlaku Mix is outstanding! More on the hunt soon…as it begins 03 March and runs throughout the month.

Join us tonight for great music!

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