Feed a Smile TODAY and then…Tyrehl & Ultraviolet TOMORROW!

There are two don’t-miss events in SL this weekend (as well as the Metaverse Music Fest and The Best of SL website launch party!). You see, Aeon et Mireille love to travel round and keep a finger on the pulse!

The Feed a Smile event TODAY will include an array of SL’s most talented musicians performing and many fine artists have donated art for sale. The schedule is on the poster at left, but I’ve recreated it here: On Saturday 25 February at The Lavender Field – where events make sense – they have an outstanding lineup: At 11 AM SLT, Russell Eponym; Noon, Juel Resistance; 1 PM SLT, Pol Arida; 2PM SLT, Rara Destiny; 3PM SLT, TerryLynn Melody; 4PM SLT, Quantamis Navarathna; 5PM SLT, AcousticEnergy Nitely; 6PM SLT, Tone Uriza. Wow! And as if that’s not enough, a number of wonderful second life artists have donated original art pieces to be sold at the event to raise money for the charity. Find some time Friday and/or Saturday to drop by and enjoy the music and art – and donate some very needed meals to the children in Kenya. You’ll be glad you did, for there is nothing like having fun AND helping others at the same time! It’s another piece of the SL magic at work. Brique, who manages both the charity (http://www.llk-selb.de) and The Lavender Field (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alison/124/226/23), will welcome you!

Then tomorrow, SUNDAY 26 February at 12:30 PM SLT, the incredible artist Tyrehl Byk, known across the grid for his work in particles, will welcome us to a wonderful exhibit. Tyrehl takes a step back from performance art and turns to the decorative arts in his first major exhibition of sculptural particle objects. Long known for his grand scale precision particle effects, Tyrehl takes the craft one step further by dramatically reducing the size of his displays and placing them within the bounds of more traditional types of decorative objects.  Each display is a unique presentation of particles,  some appearing  as sculptural forms alone and others presented as mixed media works. 

One major piece in the exhibit is the product of a collaborative effort between Tyrehl and the well known Second Life ambient musical artist Ultraviolet Alter.  “eternity is in love with the productions of time” combines both visual and aural textures that are generated by the viewer as you move around in the space. Additional surprises await you in the sculpture garden adjacent to the Fruit Island Arts gallery space.  As you stroll, the landscape comes alive with many species of sprites that could only grow in the virtual garden of Tyrehl‘s  mind. (You do not wish to miss this!) At 1:00 PM the lush voice of  French singer, Lisa Brune  (www.lisabrune.eu) – a favourite at Ce Soir – will treat exhibit goers at the adjacent Mango Yacht Club Stage.

If you missed it, Tyrehl and Ultra‘s last performance at MadPea was astounding! Here is a highlight cut from their second performance a couple of weeks ago: https://vimeo.com/37290092 Enjoy!

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