TODAY at Ce Soir: Russell, JordanReyne, Ex-FM…

It’s another day at Ce Soir – and a beautiful one, at that! It’s like the rain we had IRL last night also cleared the skies in SL. Amazing! And in this fine weather today, we welcome three friends back to Ce Soir. Come round and join us as we do, for you will experience each of them as unique and wonderful musicians who offer us so much to enjoy.

Russell Eponym

First up, RUSSELL EPONYM takes the stage at 2 PM SLT This inimitable artist will be all tuned up and ready to delight us with his enchanting ”Folk, blues, and beyond.” This 100% acoustic, completely unplugged music is the signature of The Music Whisperer and we are always happy to hear it at Ce Soir. Russell is warm and inviting, and his music is the same. You will find yourself dancing or simply swaying in time to the music, your ear trained on his velvety voice. Whether he is plucking the strings of sweet “Martina,” his trusty Martin acoustic, or playing any of his other instruments (we;re a bit partial to “Monica,” the harmonica), Russell’s sound is a true musical pleasure. His covers are just right for him and his lovely originals the highlight of every concert. Come join us and enjoy as the Eponymous Family gathers from across the grid. You’re invited and you don’t want to miss it!

JordanReyne Deezul

Then at 3 PM SLT, brace yourselves for something astounding as JordanReyne Deezul steps to the microphone. An outstanding musician with many awards to her credit, this New Zealander is a favourite at Ce Soir. Her mix of dark electronica, folk noir, and industrial influences is mesmerising; steam, metal-on-metal and other factory sounds are part of her musical landscape. Ethereal Celtic melodies sung in a captivating voice with an impressive, expressive range weave themselves over and through a rhythmic base of sound that will take your attention and keep it the entire hour. Come experience JordanReyne as she fills the hall with musical magic. Her understanding of the social impact of the Industrial Revolution is clear – as is her musicianship. Industrial-folk at its finest is redefined by this inventive and talented artist; you’ll be looking for her name in the schedule after just one performance. We count ourselves fortunate indeed to have her singing regularly at Ce Soir and hope you will join us for another entrancing hour today.


Ex-FM Radio

At 4 PM – 6 PM SLT, we welcome back Experiment Rhode with his Ex-FM Radio Show. Come catch Experiment, broadcasting LIVE from Ce Soir. A fresh approach to the SL airwaves, Ex-FM Radio allows Experiment to bring his expertise in popular music history and much more to share. Ex (one part of the well-known Australian SL trio, SOAR) will take us back through his amazing and eclectic collection of music both classic and obscure and include lots of trivia as well. Every show is “one-of-a-kind” and he has some interesting surprises in store for us today! His focus is, appropriately, folk influences from the 60s and 70s – the music that has nourished many of our folk and other musical greats of today. Donovan, Bob Dylan, and other such musicians will people this show and Ex will both play their music and give us insights into their lives as musicians. Check it out!

We’ll see you at Ce Soir soon!

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