TwinGhost wowed us!

Last night was one of those nights. It was storming here where Aeon and I are on our travels and it was a little scary, as we feared losing power in the lightning and wind. Not only that, several of our Subscribe-O members IMed to say they were having storms too and were logging off because of it – and sad to miss the TwinGhost concert. How sad indeed that they had to miss…because it was, as always, fantastic…

The night felt slow at first, but as the 9PM hour neared, people started popping in – many of them TwinGhost regulars and friends, but many new people too. You know, I just love that – seeing (especially) new people enjoying such wonderful music. I doubly enjoy watching them enjoy at Ce Soir, of course! And enjoy, they did!

TwinGhost really got in his groove, and at one point, Staci said, “Wow, Twin. Talk about being in the groooove…!” in local chat. We all agreed with her on that, and he just kept going. We loved every note of it – from some well-chosen covers like George Harrison’s haunting “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” to that amazing finale of Twin‘s own “Live Again.” There were several points at which my feet did not touch the ground, so into it I was. I was not alone, as the audience chimed in with kudos often and swayed and danced and hummed along. Someone new IMed to say, “This guy is REALLY GOOD.” What could I say, for I could not agree more!

This outstanding musician never disappoints, but always takes those of us who are gathered to a new space…a new place inside ourselves, it seems. Always a journey, a TwinGhost concert is quite a ride. His professional musicianship is obvious and his deep love of the music is as clear as fresh rain. Transcendent, mesmerising, entrancing, and exciting to beat the band, TwinGhost’s music can quiet the heart even as it makes it pound.

We use a lot of superlatives in our language here. That cannot be avoided, for all of it is simply the honest expression of how we feel. I worry, sometimes, that what I say may be disregarded as hype or some lunacy like that – but I can’t let such concerns stop me, for what I say is so far from that I cannot even explain it. Let’s just say that Aeon and I love music and art, and that we wear our hearts on our sleeves – and leave it at that. I make no apologies for it and appreciate your forebearance and acceptance as you read. Besides, you are more than welcome to come round and hear some of this fabulous music about which I post – and see some of this unique and lovely art as well. Then, if you’ve not heard or seen it yet, you can decide for yourself just how right I am. <Insert SMILE here!>

There will be a post soon about a new artist taking up residence in the Ce Soir Guest Gallery for the month of March – as well as a post about what’s happening here today. Read on, fearless ones! Merci bien!

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