Nature’s Hunt 2: My Wish is Music – Let the hunt begin!

On 03 March, Nature’s Hunt 2: My Wish is Music began at Ce Soir and many vendors and venues around the grid. Sponsored by Fire Beach and My Wish Music Park, this 2-year anniversary hunt runs from 03 – 31 March 2012. Many fine stores will share some of their wonderful creations (clothing, furnishings, you name it!), so you don’t want to miss out. There are 122 shoppes, venues, and galleries on the list, and we are so pleased to be a part of it! Hunting is FUN and the music that will be shared as gifts (each costs $L1) from the many fine venues in the hunt is outstanding! One of our favourites, MoShang Zhao, is parterning with us to bring his Chinese Chill to hunters across the grid. His Sinlaku Mix .mp3 is the prize with our hunt item – which is, by the way, quite well-hidden…somewhere in the venue space.

Music and art bring people together, to share beauty and feel similar emotions as we enjoy it. The message is that – as unique as each of us is – we are all people of the same heart and spirit. We all enjoy music and art from various genres and expressions, and this hunt includes a wide range for hunters to enjoy via CDs from partnering venues and musicians.

Hunters! Visit the main page for the hunt for instructions and information ( – or come to Ce Soir (or the official starting point, Fire Beach) and click the sign for the instructional notecard and to join the Hunters Group, if you have space. You can still participate, even if you have no group space open, but joining the group will bring you updates and chat to keep up with your fellow hunters! Thanks go to Resje Bailey and the folks at Fire Beach, who have been managing the Nature’s Hunts (17 hunts now!) since they began in SL two years ago. We also thank Liz Harley from Key West Marina and Lo Bloch from My Wish Music Park for their help in making our participation possible.

For the official Hint List and a look at the hunt prizes, visit:

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