Manic Monday at Ce Soir? Nah…just great music, a hunt…etc…

Lisa Brune

When we first heard the whispery voice of Frenchwoman Lisa Brune, we knew she just had to come to sing at Ce Soir. Now, in her second return engagement, she once more charms us with her beautiful singing and lively banter. She shares quite an artistic repertoire, performing covers from such outstanding artists as Zero 7, Coldplay, Radiohead, Kansas, Joan Osborne and Chris Isaak. Oh, and don’t forget Pink Floyd! Lisa does some amazing music, and you just have to hear it for yourself. Audiences adore her – come see why! It’s an hour that is sure to delight you and leave you wanting for more music from the lovely Lisa Brune! We’ll see you at 2 PM SLT!

TerryLynn Melody

Then, at 6 PM SLT, TerryLynn Melody – another Ce Soir favoutire – steps to the microphone. This talented musician brings an impressive resume along with her gorgeous voice and artistic versatility to the stage. TerryLynn is a professional musician and songwriter who has been featured on National Public Radio, Clear Channel Radio, and various television outlets. Her live shows often include a mix of genres such as folk, counrty, rock and blues – all sung with heart. Indeed, TerryLynn chooses her material based on a deep connection to the lyrical content, and she has won numerous awards for her vocals as well as several songwriting contests. Her debut CD Watch That Turn was released in 2011, and features notable artists including Country Music Hall of Fame great Charlie McCoy. She is personable and talented and you will enjoy this hour with TerryLynn Melody, guaranteed!

Edward Kyomoon

Up next, SL rockstar and all-round musical powerhouse Edward Kyomoontakes the stage. He will keep you going from the first chord of his set to the last. This technical wizard brings much – the voice, the lush guitar, piano. Dance! Sing along! Edward‘s covers of such bands as Pink Floyd and Blue October will get your attention and keep it. His originals are inspiring and audiences will hum or sing along as they dance and sway to the music. This dymamo gives us his all in hard rock anthems, bluesy serenades and heartfelt love songs. You won’t want to miss a minute of Edward‘s energy. Besides, he might just leap to the piano and surprise us with something extra-special! See you at Ce Soir!

Tukso Okey

WARNING:What comes next is music history in the making, as music legend Tukso Okey returns to Ce Soir with his electrifying sound. This transcendent and mesmerising music is a sound that enraptures the soul and makes the body move. And yet, Tukso infuses the experience with peace. The combination: entrancing! The freedom you feel opens you to the music and you’ll be taken on a journey that will surprise you. Aeon says that Tukso is the next generation of blues…and so much more! Come, join us at Ce Soir for an hour that will enrich your musical palette with new and vibrant colours. Be prepared to be surprised and captivated…

Oh…and don’t forget that the Nature’s 2 Hunt: My Wish is Music is ongoing throughout the month. Hunters, come along! Enjoy the music and the ambience that is Ce Soir – and find our gift – the .mp3 of Ce Soir Musician MoShang Zhao‘s beautiful Sinlaku Mix. What fun! AND…don’t forget to click on the SL Music Relays for a Cure sign at the entrances and one of the RFL Event Boards in the venue to keep up with RFL in SL! Kick-off for the season is March 10. Ready, set, RELAY!

So…given all that…how can you miss Monday at Ce Soir? See you here!

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