Bright Oh, Quantamis Navarathna, and PM Bookmite! Show starts, 5 PM SLT

We at Ce Soir have some of the best shows around…and we’re about to prove it again tonight!

Bright Oh

The show starts at 5 PM SLT with a show-stopper: Bright Oh. This musician brings it: songwriting, guitar talent, a voice that melts the ladies’ hearts, and some pretty lively chat to go with! In fact, you just never know what Bright might say, so come prepared to laugh or cry! Whatever turn that takes, you’re sure to enjoy the hour with Bright, who brings along his good humour and musical skill in one package. Many know him as a member of the beloved SL trio SOAR, and now on his own as an artist performing sweet soft rock and beautiful ballads – many penned with or by his cohorts or at his own hand. Some of these lyrics will take your breath and the music is just lovely. His bio speaks of “lyrics that touch your heart, melodies that linger on, and harmonies from another time.” That just about says it, so come hear Bright Oh for yourself. There may be a lot of chuckling going on, but you’ll see just how serious a musician this Aussie wonder really is.

Up next at 6 PM SLT is another Ce Soir favourite who has a regular spot on the calendar: one Quantamis Navarathna. This easy-going Texan has an elegance that just cannot be denied. His unique mix of styles – from Spanish classical to Renaissance romance (with a clear folk influence with a touch Cat Stevens thrown in for good measure) – is charming, to say the least. His mystical love songs will have the ladies swooning and we gents will get swept up in it, as well. I do, every time I hear him. Mireille and I just love Tossing Away the Hourglass, a Quantamis Navarathna original, and hope against hope he sings it every time! Of course, there are many others in Quantamis‘ repertoire – each beautiful and enchanting. Don’t miss him!

PM Bookmite

To round out the evening, we are happy and proud to bring you the outstanding original music of our good friend, PM Bookmite. This seasoned artist is a master songwriter and performer who brings not only a strong history but a sensitive ear and spirit to the stage. His songs of love, loss, and the journey of life will capture your heart. You’ll find yourself dancing or so into the music that you just have to sit down and listen. Either choice is a good one, as you will soon see. PM‘s influences include a broad range of artists; Leon Russell, Tom Waits, Randy Newman, and Billy Joel to contemporary artists such as Gabe Dixon, Jeff Black, and Ben Folds come to mind. His originals are sweet, warm and memorable, and his numerous recordings are available online. Come hear PM Bookmite for yourself and you’ll be looking for him in the schedule for another show…and another.

How about it, folks! Pretty impressive, eh? We certainly think so, and appreciate that you have many wonderful choices regarding where to spend your time in SL. We do hope you’ll spend some of it with us tonight. You’ll enjoy these artists, guaranteed! Of course, you’re welcome here, any time; Ce Soir is open for your enjoyment, so come dance, wander the grounds, and enjoy some of the finest music and art around!

Ce Soir at Sunset...Welcome!

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