Whatta night!

Hi, folks! It’s me again. Yes, Mireille is sound asleep, so I thought I’d offer an update for what’s happening at Ce Soir. First, a note about yesterday…and last night!

The lovely Lisa Brune came in at 2 PM SLT and sang with exquisite beauty to a very large and appreciative audience. Her breathy French vocals are really something special – whether she’s singing in French or English. Her choice of songs is spot-on, as they say, and every song is hers once she sings it. It was a lovely set, to say the least, and the audience grew and grew throughout the hour. Lisa‘s ongoing banter is light and cheerful, and everybody loves it – no matter the language! We missed her partner Jack, but he was there with Lisa (just not online), and he said hello to us as her set neared its end; the crowd went wild, as they love Jack almost as much as they do the wonderfully talented Lisa. It was an outstanding show, and Lisa will be back two more times in March – 7th and 13th, both at 2 PM SLT. We’re looking forward to both!

So, after Lisa closed and people who lingered to enjoy the venue space moved on, we restarted the sim. This is something we do as often as we can when there are several shows in a day. We had restarted before the previous show too, but for some reason (other than the almost 50 avis in attendance, I am sure!), we had lag that waxed and waned throughout – and Mireille crashed two or three times in the midst of it. Me? Only twice! LOL!

Moving right along, we restarted the sim and then welcomed the gracious and talented TerryLynn Melody back to the Ce Soir stage. This was her third time here, and we are pleased to let you know that she too shall return – in March, TerryLynn will be with us on 19th at 6 PM SLT. Please come round to hear her. She has a powerful voice that is very well-controlled; TerryLynn can sing anything from strident rock and blues to soft country or ballads. Her original compositions are striking (like Watch that Turn – a real favourite from her popular CD of the same title) and her stage presence is just wonderful as she talks with those present as though we are all in the same room. It’s delightful, so don’t miss her next visit!

Immediately at the close of TerryLynn‘s set, that WOW-’em rocker, Edward Kyomoon (known as Donn in RL) took the stage and we were off-and-running into a fantastic set of covers and originals. Edward is a true professional and his easy way with those who gather – coupled with his obvious musical prowess – makes him a crowd-pleaser, every time. A little Pink Floyd, a little Coldplay, and a whole lot of talent took us through the hour, which was nicely peppered with Edward‘s own compositions – including those awesome piano solos! Mireille swoons every time he leaps to the piano, and I note she is not alone (especialy amongst the females in the crowd!). Edward will be back too – every-other-Monday night at 7 PM SLT. His next date: March 19.

We did have some lag during Edward‘s show. It was truly bad lag for some and several crashed and returned over the hour. Most of us were able to dance and move about, but some got stuck, here or there. Sadly, Edward himself became glued to the stage near the end, and could not get off the stage to make room for our next musician – the legendary Tukso Okey. No mind, though, as Tukso was pretty-well stationary too, and made himself to home to one side – a spot from which he played his entire set with his usual steadiness.

All this while, my dear Mireille was crashing and returning, crashing and returning. For once, I stayed stable (well, I stayed in-world, anyway!). Most of us managed to stay online and hear the incredible sounds of Tukso Okey, but some were pretty mired in one place. Still, many were dancing and all were chatting away as the Tukso Express took off.

What a show Tukso brought us! As usual, he was really into the set, himself, and always aware of the audience and responding to the environment. To me, it seemed that the lag set him free – and he played some absolutely awesome guitar riffs over the hour. Every song was outstanding as the show built to a magnificent crescendo. “Wow!” was heard, over and over from every quarter. Amazing! Good news, peeps! Tukso Okey returns on 19th March too, 8 PM SLT. Woot!

It was a great night – despite the lag – and my Mireille will continue her investigation into just what was causing all that…as soon as she wakes up! I’m so glad she’s resting right now. She had a fabulous time last night and will soon be rarin’ to go for another fine day at Ce Soir. I won’t be around as much today, but the ship is in her care. See next post for what’s next!

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