Poetry thrives at Ce Soir…KARIMA HOISAN in on Monday…

UPDATE: A lovely group gathered to hear and experience Karima’s poetry, and there just seemed to be a sweet light in the air. Kari’s words and presence brought such calm to me this day. Everyone enjoyed her reading and we are already looking ahead to other times when she can read for us. Below is the original post, but I just had to add this note…

We are lovers of the written and spoken word. Be it prose or poetry, a stirring speech, a beautiful song, or a lecture filled with information and imagery, we love it. We love it so much that we put together a special place at Ce Soir just for words…and those who create, share, and enjoy them. The Magic Tree Reading Spot is a special place indeed, and this week, we have two scheduled readings. The first is on Monday at 1 PM SLT. Please join us for the beautiful work of Karima Hoisan as she shares it with us in a return engagement.

Karima Hoisan

Karima is an expressive artist and when she reads her poetry aloud, her rich voice delivers each poem perfectly. She will share poems inspired by some truly striking works of art that she also will display as part of her programme; we will be able to view the art as she reads and follow her on a journey into each one. Do not miss this lovely reading, for the impact of the aural and the visual together is magnificent. If you’ve not heard Karima’s work, be prepared for something special at Ce Soir’s The Magic Tree Reading Spot.

Come fly with us! The Magic Tree SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ce%20Soir/161/224/1001

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