Skye Galaxy and Anek Fuchs – Live on Sunday!

UPDATE: What a night! From those stunning whispery moments with Skye to the FIRE of Anek, it was incredible! Skye was in outstanding voice and he played so passionately, it took our breath. This was his last SL performance before leaving for a concert he is doing in California. We know he will take that audience, just as he has taken us, on a magic carpet ride into the ethereal atmosphere of his music. We wish you all the best, Sean…and we think of your audience and smile, for we know what wonders await them! I get chills just thinking of it…and remembering those crystalline notes in that voice so sweet, so filled with power and grace. Ah! Ce Soir was indeed made for this!

And then…the whind whipped round and there he was: ANEK. Oh, my! He showed that guitar who was boss, let me tell you – and yet, when he plays, it is as if he and the guitar are one…in collusion with one another to bring us the very best sound imaginable. Anek ROCKED us like no tomorrow, and he sang some of the sweetest songs…the sighs that swept through the audience were all but audible. He literally set the stage on FIRE! The lights and colours of the particles were just beautiful…adding to the striking nature of what we were hearing and experiencing. Come hear him at Ce Soir every Sunday at 7 PM SLT. Oh, yeah!

This adventure (Ce Soir!) is filled with surprises…and firsts. Here comes another one…or two!

TODAY, Sunday 11 March, marks our very first Sunday shows. We have two outstanding ones for you, so do come along and enjoy!

Skye Galaxy

First up: Ce Soir welcomes the phenomenal Skye Galaxy for a return engagement at 6 PM SLT. A singular talent, this young man takes our breath with his music and presence. Those first tones float from the stream, evoking chills of anticipation amongst those who have heard Skye before; the electricity of it is palpable to all as the journey begins. Skye never disappoints, creating a celestial atmosphere of voice and piano as the sheer art of his music fills the air for an hour of magic. His vocal range, amazing control, spot-on choice of covers and original compositions, and his way with the piano and looper…well, the encompassing nature of it all together is simply stunning. This is a show you truly must experience to believe…we’ve heard Skye many, many times, but are always surprised by it in one way or another. Ce Soir was made for this! Don’t miss it!

Anek Fuchs

Next, is the much-anticipated debut of one Anek Fuchs, guitar master extraordinaire. Whether he is SHREDDING the strings or tenderly making them sing, an Anek Fuchs show is a must-see, must-hear. This music is so BIG that you’ll be amazed. And then, he takes a turn in that mercurial way he has, and the sweet ballads flow. His voice will wrap itself around your heart while that guitar simply transports you to another dimension. He might come dressed as a biker dude or an elf; he might be the sexiest thing on two feet or a red alien. You only know one thing to expect at an Anek Fuchs concert: EXCELLENCE. It’s GUITAR THERAPY, and the doctor is in!

Catch the wind and we’ll see you there! Main Venue Landing Point:

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