What a week it has been! WEDNESDAY…

Yes, it has been quite a week at Ce Soir. Since we had an electronic glitch with the blog (or Aeon accidentally deleted a few posts), here’s a recap from Wednesday onward:

The wonderful Russell Eponym sang for us at Noon SLT on 08 March. That was an excellent opener for the day, as Russell’s “folk, blues and beyond” filled the hall. The Eponymous family gathered, and they are as delightful as Russell himself! We all enjoyed his lovely music (a matchless repertoire – with new songs to boot!) and the hour sped by in enjoyment, as it does when Russell is on stage. Always sad to see the hour come to a close, but always happy knowing that he will return each week – and sometimes more often (hint: check for Thursday’s note, next!) His next time to sing at Ce Soir is 14 March at 2 PM. He’s all over the grid, so there’s no reason not to catch up with him..somewhere!

Next, JordanReyne Deezul took the microphone. Wow. We are always astounded by Jordan’s music – even though we’ve enjoyed hearing it many times, now. This dark electronica with the lovely Celtic melodies interwoven is an experience. Jordan never fails to surprise – with new songs, new information, or just a little twist here or there to her set. It’s always a delight, and she could sing “’til deeeeeaaatthhhh do us paaaaarrrtt” a thousand times in a row and I’d be happy! I love her look and that amazing tree tipjar too, and everyone who gathers always enjoys her show immensely. Catch JordanReyne Deezul next at Ce Soir on 14 March at 2 PM. We encourage you also to check the SL schedule for her show elsewhere…we want you to hear her if you haven’t yet!

At 2 PM, the beautiful and sweet Lisa Brune stepped into the spotlight. Her gorgeous and whispery voice, wide range of music that is perfectly chosen, and lively banter with the audience makes for a fun and charming hour. Indeed, Lisa is another one-of-a-kind – just right for Ce Soir! She has this certain je ne sais quoi…and she’s French too! Charming and talented, with a voice that enthralls, don’t miss Lisa‘s next show at Ce Soir on 28 March at 2 PM. Check her out elsewhere in the meantime…you’ll be happy you did!

What a way to close the day at Ce Soir! Three fabulous shows and lots of visitors to wander the venue grounds and enjoy! That’s just how we roll at Ce Soir. Come join us!

Tree by Moonlight
Tree by Moonlight

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