A nice surprise for us from VMS Magazine!

Of course, we knew we had been interviewed…but the article is still such a nice surprise for us at Ce Soir! The venue space and all it encompasses and represents is our dream. We are just at the beginning of this incredible journey, and already we are so struck by the kindness of so many people! We have been welcomed into the SL music community, and that is such a lovely thing! Musicians and artists of every genre have been most gracious to us, and many have shared their artistic vision and talents with us. We feel deeply grateful to each and every one – and to their management teams, who are just wonderful.

That alone would make for a glorious experience for us, but the wonderful encouragement we receive from those who gather here takes it to another level altogether. Audiences are amazing in SL! We’ve traveled round and are part of the great overarching audience ourselves. From the casual drop-in visitor who stays longer than expected because he or she was taken by the ambience of Ce Soir, the music playing at the time or the art in the Guest Gallery – to the regular patron who pops in to hear various shows – we are blessed by their presence…YOUR presence.

In addition, what joy it is for us as audience members to visit so many lovely and special places where music and art happen…are welcomed, encouraged, supported! The many fine venues that dot the grid and bring us such wonders as Russell Eponym, Skye Galaxy, TwinGhost Ronas, Anek Fuchs, Lisa Brune, Quantamis Navarathna, TerryLynn Melody, MoShang Zhao and JordanReyne Deezul…artists like Loquacia Loon, Owen Landar and Isabel Hermano…poets like Russell Eponym, Karima Hoisan and Stosh Quarz…(and the list goes on and on!)…well, these places are inspiring to us! Venue and gallery owners across SecondLife have welcomed us. Indeed, many have IMed to say hello and many have visited the space and have encouraged us. That is a very special thing, and we feel honored by it – and by them. We are yet new and still have so much to learn, but what fun it is to learn and grow with so many outstanding examples to explore!

Enjoy this online article from Virtual Music Magazine (http://virtualmusicmagazine.virtualmusicservices.com/), which is at the moment about Ce Soir, and join us in thanking Jay and Crew and all who bring this publication to us. There are other blogs, websites, and in-world magazines to enjoy as well…many focusing on live music in SL and doing a fantastic job of keeping us all up-to-date. We thank them all for sharing information about all the venues, musicians, artists, writers, sculptors, builders, and merchants who enrich our Second Life experience. Our hats are off to you all!

To a good day for everyone, Mireille & Aeon

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