UPDATE on…MONDAY NIGHT at Ce Soir: Don’t miss this!

UPDATE: Monday did roll round again…and again it was a night of great music and incredible fun for all at Ce Soir!

TerryLynn Melody is a songress who brings both beauty and power to her set. THAT VOICE! She can soothe us with sweet love songs or belt out the blues or some soul-searching country like nobody else. Last night was yet another example of her talent and deep understanding of music and the great gift she has been given. And not only the singing, mind you! This girl plays great guitar and can write a song that will wrap itself around your heart. You missed it? Well…she’ll be singing other places round the grid, so look her up, already! Of course, she will return to Ce Soir in two weeks’ time. Watch here for a reminder, or join the Ce Soir Subscrib-O-Matic for a notice. Whatever you do…DON’T MISS OUT!

Edward Kyomoon took the place by storm – as he always does on his Monday night gigs. He’s a wizard, I swear, and that energy is palpable from the first note to the last. He always has a surprise up his sleeve, and last night was no exception. You all know by now that we LOOOOOVVVEEEE the piano (along with the guitar, violin, flute, saxophone, banjo, and KAZOOOOO!)…so…when Edward leapt to the piano last night, we were thrilled. But wait! It was even better than that! It was a NEW SONG to boot! And then…he sang one of my all-time faves as a closer: Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. His performance of it was spot-on and he seems to sing my faves a lot – mostly because he sings outstanding songs and rocks like there is no tomorrow. AWESOME!

What to say about Tukso Okey? Well…he’s amazing. Hm. Said too much, this “he’s amazing”? Yes, probably. But you know what? Sometimes it just is what it is…and Tukso IS amazing! Last night, he proved it again…opening with some bright, moving originals that got our mojo working, taking us up to a fever-pitch…and then…it happened: THE TUKSO ZONE. Oh, mercy me! He had us in the palm of his hand and that song, that SONG he was creating right before our eyes and ears! It wended its way deep into us as we went along on the magic carpet ride that is The Tukso Experience. Catch him somewhere…and soon…for there is absolutely nothing like a Tukso concert! Every-other-Monday at Ce Soir will do nicely…if you can wait. <insert knowing smile here!>

Here, below, is the original post inviting you all to come round to Ce Soir and enjoy…but I just had to sing about that fantastic night…last night!

❀✦✫ ✫✦❀

Monday has rolled round again! Seems to happen, every now and then. Like most days of the week, some Mondays are just more exciting or more fun than others – and this is one of those! Read on…

Songstress TerryLnn Melody

At 6 PM SLT, TerryLynn Melody – a Ce Soir favoutire – steps to the microphone. This talented musician brings an impressive resume along with her gorgeous voice and artistic versatility to the stage. TerryLynn is a professional musician and songwriter who has been featured on National Public Radio, Clear Channel Radio, and various television outlets. Her live shows often include a mix of genres such as folk, counrty, rock and blues – all sung with heart. Indeed, TerryLynn chooses her material based on a deep connection to the lyrical content, and she has won numerous awards for her vocals as well as several songwriting contests. Her debut CD Watch That Turn was released in 2011, and features notable artists including Country Music Hall of Fame great Charlie McCoy. She is personable and talented and you will enjoy this hour with TerryLynn Melody, guaranteed!

Musical Powerhouse Edward Kyomoon

Up next – 7 PM SLT –  SL rockstar and all-round musical powerhouse Edward Kyomoon takes the stage. He will keep you going from the first chord of his set to the last. This technical wizard brings much – the voice, the lush guitar, piano. Dance! Sing along! Edward’s covers of such bands as Pink Floyd and Blue October will get your attention and keep it. His originals are inspiring and audiences will hum or sing along as they dance and sway to the music. This dymamo gives us his all in hard rock anthems, bluesy serenades and heartfelt love songs. You won’t want to miss a minute of Edward’s energy. Besides, he might just leap to the piano and surprise us with something extra-special! See you at Ce Soir!

The Legendary Tukso Okey

OK, people. What comes next is music history in the making, so get ready! Music legend Tukso Okey returns to Ce Soir at 8 PM SLT with his electrifying sound. This transcendent and mesmerising music enraptures the soul and makes the body move. And yet, Tukso infuses the experience with peace. The combination: entrancing! The freedom you feel opens you to the music and you’ll be taken on a journey that will surprise you. Aeon says that Tukso is the next generation of blues…and so much more! Come, join us at Ce Soir for an hour that will enrich your musical palette with new and vibrant colours. Be prepared to be surprised and captivated…

Oh…and don’t forget that the Nature’s 2 Hunt: My Wish is Music is ongoing throughout the month. Hunters, come along! Enjoy the music and the ambience that is Ce Soir – and find our gift – the .mp3 of Ce Soir Musician MoShang Zhao’s beautiful Sinlaku Mix. What fun! AND…don’t forget to click on the SL Music Relays for a Cure sign at the entrance and the RFL Event Board in the venue to keep up with RFL in SL! It’s a great cause, and we thank you for all your support and donations to RFL!

So…given all that…how can you miss Monday at Ce Soir? See you here!

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