Three outstanding shows tonight…Tuesday at Ce Soir…


Yes, there we go again, WOW-ing. All I can say is, “Better get used to it!” So much goodness going on around here!

Despite the fact that PM Bookmite was unable to get online (we’ve all been there – for a variety of reasons), he must have been with us in spirit – as many gathered (or IMed to check in with us as word got around). And not to worry – he is fine and will return very soon to bring us his absolutely beautiful music!

Quantamis Navarathna

As the clock struck 6 PM SLT, the one and only Quantamis Navarathna stepped to the Ce Soir stage. As the first notes from this outstanding singer/songwriter wafted through the air, we could tell it was going to be another wonderful show with this talented and charming musician. Songs of wonder and the magic of love filled the hall, and we danced and hummed along to these lovely and enchanting melodies. Such lyrics! Mystical tales and love stories through the ages, all accompanied by Quantamis‘s intricate guitar playing lifted us from the mundane. We all took the journey gladly!

Loreen Aldrin

Then, at 7 PM SLT, the very gifted singer/songwriter Loreen Aldrin took the stage, returning to SL this very week from a lengthy absence due to computer issues. How lovely to see her back again – and at Ce Soir for the very first time! Her debut here – like her return across the grid – has been much-awaited, and she offered us an amazing show filled with great songs and that amazing voice! What a range of styles she can capture – everything from sweet love to outrageous rock! We love her motorcycle tipjar – it seems perfect, somehow, a hint at the trip we take with her as she wends her way through her eclectic set. Another wow! And yes, Loreen will return, and soon! She promises time at the piano as her new computer will allow! YES!

This post took a turn from the usual for me. I think I liked it! Hope you did too. Below: the original post announcing the day:

I’m going to take a different approach to the blog today. I’ll list for you below the outstanding musicians who are playing tonight (with a few choice words to try and capture a bit about them) and then come back tomorrow with a more in-depth look at each and what it is we feel they bring to their shows at Ce Soir. Before I go further, just let me say that each musician and artist who plays here is someone we admire – personally and professionally. We cannot possibly have ALL the shows we’d love to have, for – try as we might! – there just are not hours in the day or Linden Dollars on the grid to make that happen. So…we do our best to bring you the best. Of course, there are so many fine musicians and talented artists in SL – you know who they are, and so do we (well, we are learning who they are, thanks to you!)…and we encourage you to not only go see and hear them elsewhere, we implore you to support them well – as we know you do! – with your applause and Linden Dollar donations. This is what makes live music in SL possible – your support. We thank you also – of course! – for your kind donations at Ce Soir. We are deeply touched by your generosity and by your choosing to be here with us to enjoy this incredible music and art when there are so many places to be. Ah, SL! There’s nothing like it…and we love sharing it with you!

Here’s the LINE-UP for tonight!

5 PM: Songs of love, loss, and life with accomplished singer/songwriter and pianist PM Bookmite: PM pens stunning original music that will stay with you long after the last note…

6 PM: Romance and songs of wonder with guitarist/singer/songwriter Quantamis Navarathna: his intricate guitar work and lilting vocals will take your breath away.

7 PM: The lovely Loreen Aldrin bewitches us in a much-awaited return to SL: her deft musicianship, songwriting and thrilling voice will lift you up and turn you round.

See you here!

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