Time to laugh! RUSSELL EPONYM Reads Humourous Poetry Today – 2 PM SLT

Today at 2 PM SLT, we shall gather round The Magic Tree Reading Spot to hear our dear friend Russell Eponym read a carefully selected group of poems chosen especially to delight us and make us laugh. It’s just what we need, midweek, so come along and enjoy!Poetry and prose, music and art of every genre almost always come to us coloured by the emotions experienced by the writer or musician, painter or sculptor at the time of creation. We experience these emotions – albeit mixed with our own – as we view, hear, or otherwise take in each work of art. Last week, for example, Russell came to The Magic Tree at Ce Soir to share with us poetry written about fae and fantasy. Who amongst us did not feel an array of emotions in response to each poem? We delighted at sprites dotting the landscape with sweet lights twinkling, shuddered at the thought of dark gnomes lurking in the forest shadows…and more!

As we go through life, we experience a rainbow of emotions including sadness, joy, anger, gratitude, fear, hope, guilt, pride, love. While we may have tears, we also have laughter – and sometimes both at once! Each feeling (and every shade of them, in between!) arises as a response to our thoughts and experiences and how they strike us. Life is so rich and varied, and the feelings we experience along the way reflect that. We’ve all heard that saying…”from the sublime to the ridiculous,” and, well…that just about covers it!

Please join us today at 2 PM SLT, when we shall travel a path “from the sublime to the ridiculous” with our dear friend, Russell Eponym, guiding us along as he reads a carefully selected group of poems designed to make us laugh! From time to time, we might smile sweetly (or wryly!), chuckle softly or guffaw out loud…but we’ll be laughing, guaranteed!

Russell Eponym

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