Update: THURSDAY at Ce Soir: MAGIC was in the air!

UPDATE: Well, things went as planned through much of the day – with sweet surprises too! First, Russell was just over-the-top today! Singing and chatting with everyone, he truly brightened things for us all – and he truly enjoyed the hour too, which is just wonderful! We had a charming group come along to share the fun, and it was a grand show!

Then…M. Bright (Bright Oh, you know!) brought us a treasure-trove of song! His entire set was comprised of SOAR songs that are just so beautifully orchestrated and arranged – the “fancy” songs, as he put it. And how wonderful they are! And then – as if that were not enough – he sprang on us a NEW SONG! Just lovely, M. Bright! Ah…the wonder of it all!

AND THEN…Gina arrived and sang so sweetly (and powerfully), as she began her set. A few minutes in, she stepped away from the microphone and Anek took over. We didn’t know what to think, at first – Gina was having some technical issues or something, perhaps. It didn’t all add up, though, as Anek was using her stream! So…as the moments went by and Anek played and sang…he added in another stream, and we had the two of them! And not just for an hour, either! They went on…and on. It was FANTASTIC! Just what we dream of when we think of the two of them – and more!

So…as you can see, it was quite a night at Ce Soir. There is something in the air, you know…and we never know what magic might come along. YAYA!

Below is the original post for this evening…

Ever have one of those days when  you have soooo much to do and the clock just seems to work against you? Well, that’s today for me – at least for this morning! Thank goodness this afternoon and evening promises goodness at Ce Soir and a respite from this crazy morning – and a lovely harbinger of a great weekend ahead! So, since I am truly pressed for time and still want to get the word out about our wonderful shows for the day, here’s the skinny (and I do mean, skinny-skinny!). Come join us – you’ll be glad you did!

Russell Eponym

NOON SLT: The inimitable RUSSELL EPONYM brings his guitar (and possibly his banjo and kazoo!) and shares his wonderful “folk, blues and beyond” with us today. With a repertroire of sweet love songs, historical folk tales, and lovely originals, Russell enchants us with his velvet voice and intricate guitar-picking. See you there!

Bright Oh

5 PM SLT: When BRIGHT OH takes the stage, you can’t help but smile. This charming Australian singer/songwriter brings his expressive voice, beautiful guitar stylings, and sense of humour as he sings – and chats! – his way through a delightful hour of song – and chat! His warm banter is part of his charm and the music will make your heart sing. Come enjoy!

Gina Stella

6 PM SLT: Dazzling! This is the word we think of first when we think of GINA STELLA. Her angelic voice and sweet presence lights up the place and lifts everyone’s spirits. Known for her ability to do almost any requested song, Gina relates to her audience in such a tender way, you can’t help but enjoy yourself! Come hear this sweet powerhouse of song!

With a line-up like that, you just can’t miss! Here’s your ride:


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