WHATTA WEEKEND! WHATTA MONDAY NIGHT! Loreen Aldrin and Anek Fuchs! Wow!

Heya, folks! Nice to see you coming round to check up on happenings at Ce Soir! It was quiet around the place on Friday and Saturday (except for Mireille running round and the incessant planning chatter – wow!). I’ll spare you the details…for now! Let’s just say that “good things, this way come!”

As for NOW? Well, let me tell you! Tonight is gonna be a blockbuster! Two great shows, back-to-back, with two FANTABULOUS musicians at the helm:

FIRST UP: Loreen Aldrin returns – with a vengeance! She’s got the voice (oh, yeah!), the guitar licks (yep!), the stage presence (yessah!)…and more! Her repertoire is a stunner…and she’s keeping to the guitar for now – until a new computer comes along to open up the possibilities of more at the piano. She wants to get at that ghostly-white beauty we have at Ce Soir – you know, the piano on the glass floor! – and we can’t wait, either! BUT…wait we will, and in style! Come along tonight at 6 PM SLT and see what I mean! Call your friends and let’s make it a party!

THEN: The guitar master himself takes the stage at 7 PM SLT! Anek Fuchs will light a fire under us all before the evening’s out, I’ll wager! He’s incredible, this guy! Known far and wide across the grid for the hottest guitar going, Anek will bring the house down – whether he’s rockin’ like a madman or crooning the ballads that come from deep within. Whatever he chooses to do, we’re gonna love it – and you will too! Don’t miss this session of Guitar Therapy…as Mireille likes to say: the doctor is in!

OK, people! Let’s gather at Ce Soir at 6 and stay the course. It’s gonna be quite a ride! See you there!

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