Whatta Monday, indeed!

First, Aeon deletes three of my posts (a couple of weeks ago…remember?) – and now, he posts three of the same ones! (I have deleted them, now…so, no, you are not crazy – but I think Aeon might be!) I am kidding, of course (fingers crossed behind my back)!

Loreen AldrinEven so, his post is spot on! It was a wonderful night at Ce Soir! Loreen Aldrin can sing just about anything! She rocks, she serenades…it’s just amazing. Loreen is clever and inventive with the way she conducts her sets – there is always a surprise in store when she is on stage! I don’t know quite how, but she PACKS the songs into her sets…and still manages to talk with everyone in that sweet and jovial way that is so very Loreen! It’s delightful…and quite an experience.

You missed it, you say? Well…the night is ovah. But…she’ll be back – 09 and 23 March at 6 PM SLT, in case you were wondering! So please plan ahead to join us – and bring your friends; it’s always a party! If you can, look for her in Search and go see her somewhere!

Anek Fuchs

Anek Fuchs. Period. I could just stop there and most people would know what I mean. He is the guitar master extraordinaire, and he did not disappoint! His playing is astounding, as he deftly makes his guitar sing. From raucous rock to tender ballads, he gives it all. His fingers dance across the strings, making it all feel so efffortless – even when he is hitting those notes in such rapid succession that you can hardly believe that anyone could play that fast – it’s like lightning: absoutely brilliant! Anek can draw sounds from a guitar – acoustic or electric – that are simply stunning. And when he sings…well, the wonders just go on and on. It is truly Guitar Therapy, and (as I like to say!)…the doctor is in!

To say that we had a great time last night would be an understatement. We enjoyed it so much that we’re going to do it all again in a fortnight (Loreen at 6 SLT and Anek at 7), on Monday, 09 April. Of course, Anek will be here for another show next week: Tuesday, 03 April, also at 7 SLT. He plays elsewhere too…so don’t hesitate to check for him in Search – but please do join us, here at Ce Soir. We’ll be happy to see you – and to share this and other wonderful music with you!

Have a great week!

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