LORAC FARELLA: Guest Artist for April 2012 – You must see her work!

Stunning artwork by Lorac Farella is now on exhibit at the Ce Soir Arts Guest Gallery. These works are from her private collection and we feel both proud and privileged to host this beautiful exhibit. As such, they are not for sale. We encouraged her to set up a donation urn of her own, but she demurred. We respect her wishes in all regards, but do entreat you to visit! Each piece is a lovely expression of Lorac‘s deep artistic talent, and as you pause before each of them, you will delight in her skill and sensitivity. They are each different, but every one presents a story, perhaps one that is known only to the artist – or to the viewer, or to both. This is the hallmark of Lorac’s work in this viewer’s eyes: its voice. I hear it so clearly, and now thrill to its echo across Ce Soir. Indeed, its echo continues into the metaverse…

Lorac is known in SecondLife for her lovely work in skin, shape, and clothing. If you’ve not been to Avatar Art, please visit or check the blog page for depictions of some of the most outstanding and artistic work done in SL. This exhibit of these striking works are here for you to enjoy throughout the month of April. What a perfect time! Winter is fading, but leaving its impressions with us – stark beauty, icy chill, and the seeking of warmth and closeness even as we are drawn home to be alone or with just those few we love most dearly. Now spring comes to wash us clean and warm us with pale sunlight and refresh us with clear winds and the scent of lilacs and new grass on the air. Ahhhhh!

Please visit and take a bit of time with these beautiful and singularly profound pieces. And if you happen to see Lorac on the sim, please greet her. We will be hosting her for a celebration of her art soon, so please look for that date and time to be posted here and announced broadly. This work is meant to be seen…and loved.

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