The call went out for Tuesday…

♫ ♬Tonight at Ce Soir – THREE Shows, FOUR Hours! ♫ ♬

5 PM SLT – Bright Oh: back to charm us with lovely ballads and sweet banter!

6 – Quantamis Navarathna: an hour of enchanting music and lyrical magic!

7 – Anek Fuchs: Guitar Therapy and MORE – for TWO HOURS!

8 – Anek Fuchs: the guitar legend plays on! Don’t miss it!


That’s the Subscribe-O-Matic message Mireille sent out, once she learnt that Anek and I (aided and abetted by Sedona Navarathna!) had cooked up a deal for him to come in at 7 instead of 8 – and to play for two hours instead of one. Aeon Woodford struts around with a satisfied look on his face…well, I can’t help it! What a cool thing, having two hours of Guitar Therapy at Ce Soir. One is outstanding, but TWO? Well…!

Mireille’s Monsieur Bright (that’s what she calls him) came round and sang up a storm at 5 PM SLT. Bright Oh is always a real pleasure to hear; the songs are just beautiful, and he’s got the perfect voice and guitar to go with! His bandmates in SOAR (Somerset, Oh and Rhode) and he have a long and stellar history of penning and then singing just about the sweetest and most tender ballads sung across the grid. Indeed, they (and he!) are true faves of many, some of whom gathered to hear him tonight. And then, there’s the chatter – let’s not forget the Bright Oh chatter! He can spark up a dull night better than anyone, and you’re guaranteed to end the hour smiling. What a great guy – and what a fantastic musician! He has the chops to sing whatever he wishes, he engages his audience with charm and the women love him. Never fear! He’ll be back to Ce Soir, crooning sweetness, soon!

Then, it was Quantamis Navarathna‘s turn to enchant us…and that is just what he did. Lacy guitar work and a charming voice (that bit of Texas twang is just right!) is just the beginning of what this musician brings. His original songs are journeys of love, passion, romance, and magic. When he sings Tossing Away the Hourglass, Mireille goes all dreamy on me and I have to hold her up. Of course, I do not mind that one bit! And besides, I love that song too – it sounds like M and me, a couple from forever ago who fall in love, over and over again throughout history. That song – and all the others, originals and covers alike – are a perfect fit for Quantamis and for Ce Soir. And no one can resist Quantamis and his astounding imagery and melody. It was another fine hour and we look forward to the next one with him, right here – a mere fortnight hence.

OK. So, we’d already had a wonderful night, right? Two hours of beautiful music and awesome people. We could have rolled up Garvie‘s lovely stone sidewalks and gone home! But…no! We had something else very special in mind! And soon, we were off and running with it – I mean, him. None other than the legendary ANEK FUCHS, of course!

It. Was. Phenomenal. We had quite a crowd of revelers gathered and off we went on the good ship Anek! He can do whatever he wants with a guitar…make it sing, cry, WAIL! And he did just that. Of course, there was FIRE involved! We just loved the way he placed the flames there on the stage…and his other stunning light effects were just awesome! Let there be light! And there was! Let there be MUSIC! And there was! Every song – instrumental or with his truly excellent singing – was presented in a crescendo of sound that had us all transfixed, even as we danced and swayed along in time. Everybody was into it, swept up, as we were, on the wind of Anek‘s playing. I swear, he moves the air when he plays, and it swoops us up and carries us along on a rock and roll dream.

The two hours passed in a flash – and everyone had a marvelous time! Look for this to happen again, my friends! As in: two weeks hence! Oh, and Anek also plays Ce Soir on alternate Mondays at 7 PM SLT. See you here!

PS: Mireille says she has some photos from this night. Look for those to show up sometime in this post or another. Aeon Woodford shakes his head and doffs his hat to the lovely Mireille…as he saunters off…

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