This has been quite a week…already!

Sunday was the kickoff – with the wonderful Lorac Farella gracing the Cesoir Arts Guest Gallery with her incredible art. Her deft work, so sensitively drawn and painted, will be up for viewing here at Ce Soir through April. Do yourself a favor and stop by; you will be most glad that you did.

Monday was a blockbuster, what with four shows in a row by some of SL’s most outstanding musicians on stage at the venue. New-to-Ce Soir singer-guitarist Steely Decosta got the ball rolling – literally and figuratively! He offered us a powerful and nicely eclectic set and the evening was off and running. Great guitar work, a versatlie voice, and a mighty song list makes Steely a treat to hear. His ongoing banter with the audience is fun and informative, and he had us dancing and laughing in no time! He and TerryLynn Melody, who folowed him on the stage that night, sometimes dual stream, so…look for that to happen, one of these days! It was a fantastic set, and we are looking forward to Steely‘s next Ce Soir date – later this week. Yeh, you heard me right – he’ll be back Thursday at 5 PM SLT, right before the wonderful Gina Stella, so don’t miss it!

Monday night was on a roll, and TerryLynn Melody kept it going with her amazing voice and well-chosen set list. Her originals are striking too, and she can softly sing a love song and then belt out the blues – on a dime, people! It’s awesome! TL, as she is sometimes affectionately called, is a deeply feeling musician – and she sometimes just boldly wears that heart on her sleeve. I say, “BRAVO, TL!” She really gets you to thinking when she’s performing, and that is a truly good thing. Sassy and bright, she’ll have you dancing in a flash – and even when the mood gets a little darker, you’ll be glad you were there! TerryLynn will be back, following Steely, every other Monday, henceforth. Come round!

The line-up for Mondays just keeps getting better and better…even when we don’t add anybody! The reason I say that is because these musicians are really somethng! This is so very true about the man who stepped to the stage at 7 PM SLT: none other than Edward Kyomoon. This rock wizard brings it all – powerful, touching vocals, incredible guitar, and songs to (as Mireille says) almost die for! (LOL, M!) But – all kidding aside – Edward really brings it! A vast repertoire of awesome covers like those from Blue October and Nine-Inch Nails and his very own originals makes an hour with Ed fly by! And when he leaps over to the white piano at Ce Soir, well – look out! His newest group of originals are just beautiful. The ladies swoon and we guys just take it all in. Awesome, Ed! See you in two weeks!

To round out this incredible night, music legend Tukso Okey took the stage. A hush fell over the room, but the excitement was palpable. This musical genius takes you places – places you may never have been before. As he creates his music right in front of us, wave after wave of sensuous tones fill the air at Ce Soir. Before you know it, you are in The Tukso Zone…and you just don’t wanna come down! A veritable one-man band, Tukso takes a range of instruments and makes them sing. He loops…and so does the audience, as we listen and are enthralled by the experience. We dig the groove, Tukso, and are already looking forward a fortnight to your next visit in this tremendous lineup!

There ya have it – Monday, Monday! Gotta love it!

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