Morgue McMillan & Brendan Shoreland with poetry & music!

The Magic Tree Reading Spot

Easter holidays have meant a trip inside a trip for us, and visiting family is one of the perks we enjoy by being in the US now, for as it turns out, both sides of the family has members present – if not exactly accounted for (as the old saying goes). So…off to another coast we’ve flown. And how gorgeous is the spring! Flowers blooming in a sea of greens. Awesome! We hope your Easter and spring are filled with blessing!

So. What of Ce Soir during this time? Well, let’s go back a bit and recap, shall we? Let’s see, now…where did I leave off?

Poet Morgue McMillan

WEDNESDAY! Ah, yes! We had a beautiful hour of original poetry with the lovely Morgue McMillan and her partner, singer-songwriter Brendan Shoreland. Mireille and I first encountered this talented couple at one of Fox Ravenheart‘s events – the Samhain Festival last fall. We remember gathering round the stage, seated on bales of hay, the sounds of a crackling fire nearby and the scent of autumn leaves in the air. It was a fine festival, with music and the reading of poetry and stories as the centrepiece, and we remember Morgue. As M says of Morgue‘s work: “Both the light and the dark of it are enthralling.”

Truly, Morgue‘s poetry is passionate, precise, and colored by her rich involvement in spiritual, political, and humanist matters and causes. Her understanding of these issues informs her work, and you can hear it as she reads; clearly, she loves words and how they interplay together to paint a picture, no matter her topic. And then, Brendan – who has written music to express the beauty and tenor of Morgue‘s poetry – further explores her work with sound and tempo. And so, the two of them came and shared with us this day. A very nice group gathered round The Magic Tree Reading Spot, and everyone enjoyed the hour.

We look forward to Morgue‘s return – and to Brendan accompanying her, of course. Look to see them here at least monthly if not more often. And do catch them elsewhere on the grid in the meantime; we understand that they are at Book Island for My Happy Hour every Tuesday.

Yes, do come round to enjoy poetry with us! Look for an increasing number of such events and join us!

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