And suddenly, it was Thursday!

Russell Eponym
Russell Eponym

Whenever Russell Eponym is around, people are happy. He has a way about him that is gentle and upbeat and, well, FUN! It’s the music, sure, but it’s more than that – it’s the spirit of the hour, and there is always enchantment, beauty, and laughter aplenty! His set at 3 PM this day was certainly no exception to that rule!

I was late, but Mireille says there was fashion commentary at the beginning of Russell‘s set; no surprise there, as Russell‘s audiences are often most keenly arrayed. When I did arrive, I saw ladies twirling about in lovely gowns and smart trouser outfits – a rainbow of colours and delight! Even the gents were in fine gear with Russell in the lead in a crisp black-and-white. I am always saying that we get the best looking audiences in SL here at Ce Soir, and I was certainly on the mark today! Ravens and Ivo are always elegant and Mireille delights at Surty in his red kerchief. Of course, I must add myself and the lovely Mireille, as we were decked out in matching black trousers with deep teal jackets. Those shoulder fluffs just make those outfits…

Not to be outdone by the fashion of the hour, Russell‘s set was outstanding! It always is, but there was such an energy about today. He was particularly mellow – quite appropriate as we begin our slide into the holiday weekend. Skyspinner noted the coming holiday in local chat and we were off and running headlong into it…but nice and slow, with Russell our enchanting Pied Piper. Mireille and I enjoyed the hour with everyone and – when the last note was struck – we retired to our home and just sat and talked quietly until time for the next show. Thank you, Russell! A great pleasure, as always!

Steely Decosta

We took an hour off and then returned to our stations to greet Mr. Steely Decosta and his charming manager, Sparkie Cyberstar. We very much like both of these people – and the music they bring. I keep wanting to call Steely The Kentucky Gentleman, because that’s what I think he is. He has a bit of that “downhome” way about him, a friendly way of talking that just makes his music shine. And this guy has some music, let me tell you! That guitar alone is enough to keep me hangin’ round. Wow. He can sure play it – from a nice background strum to an intricate fingerstyle to a wild and bluesy riff that takes you for quite a ride. Yep, the instrumentals are awesome, Steely, and we all know how much Mireille enjoys them too!

But that’s not all! Steely‘s got a voice to go with that guitar, and he uses it to great advantage in every set. With a song list full of surprises, he fills every hour with a range of musical genres. We like musicians to explore their talents here at Ce Soir – to try new things, to get deep into their art, to express whatever it is they feel a need to express…even to push the limits! Tonight, Steely got into the blues, with a jazzy zip to it that was deeply satisfying to this listener – and, I dare say, to everyone present; the applause meter registered that enjoyment and everyone went home happy! Look for Steely Decosta here at Ce Soir every-other-Monday night at 5 PM SLT. He’s the lead for a night of awesomeness, so come round if you can!

MoShang Zhao

After a two-hour break, Mireille and I were more than ready for a nice, soothing dose of none other than our Thursday night regular – The Sound Jeweler himself, MoShang Zhao! Returning to Ce Soir from a month-long hiatus for a family trip, MoShang was geared up and ready to go, and we were ready. Those sweet notes came over the stream and we instantly relaxed, primed for an hour of Chinese Chill. Ah…you could almost hear the collective sigh of those who gathered, a sizeable crowd of regulars and several new people who had come to relax and re-energise – something that only MoShang can do. His music is indeed unique and he brings a lovely mix of it to every set. We love the wholly instrumental pieces, but the vocals are as mesmerising as the music itself. You just have to hear it, so look MoShang up in Search and hie thyself to his next show. You will not be disappointed, but transported to a very nice place of calm.

To say that we enjoyed the hour with MoShang would be a terrible understatement! It had been a long day and we had truly missed our Thursday night traditional R & R with Mo. Indeed, several of those attending expressed their delight at his return, and we joined right in! It was just wonderful to enjoy this entrancing music again. A deft electronica, a mix of sounds inspired from those heard in the streets of Taiwan, Chinese Chill is a sweet sound that will take you away from the mundane so you can just relax and enjoy. How wonderful that we can gather in SL for music experiences such as this! Come hear MoShang Zhao, every Thursday at 8 PM SLT. You will be welcome at Ce Soir!

PS: I did pretty well with the pics, eh? I tried to approximate what the lovely Mireille often does, but, well, it is me, after all! hehe

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