JordanReyne Needs Our Help! Fundraising Concerts This Weekend!

One of our very favourite musicians, JordanReyne Deezul, has had some unfortunate mishaps lately and now finds herself, freshly moved to Britain, on her own without a roof over her head (save for nights spent with generous friends) – and missing much of her musical equipment! We must help her, best we can. Of course, our warmest thoughts of support and care as well as our prayers for her safety and well-being are vital…but she needs practical assistance as well. In order to help her, her manager, cherryblonde Scribe has put together a series of concerts at her venue, Idle Rogue for TODAY – 07 April. Please review the schedule below and attend whenever you can throughout this wonderful day and night of helping. In addition, you may donate directly to Jordan via her avatar in-world or at her PayPal account through the following website:

Do what you can! It will be deeply appreciated by Jordan and her fans and friends!

You may also attend benefit concerts at Portland tomorrow, Easter Sunday. The schedule is below. Please attend if you can and tell others! Thank you!

We love Jordan at Ce Soir and look forward to having her settled and well – and back soon!

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