A day of poetry awaits us at The Magic Tree Reading Spot…

UPDATE: The Magic Tree Reading Spot is a place we reserve at Ce Soir for the sharing of poetry and literary readings of varying genre. The range of work that is shared here is growing more broad and varied – a true testament to the depth and breadth of the written and spoken word. Today, we experienced moments of love and light that took our breath away, and moments of stark honesty about the darker, more painful aspects of life, relationship, and the impact of experiences both social and personal. We thank all who create or share art of any kind in the space of Ce Soir, and we have had many instances of deep sharing and community here. Today was certainly no exception to that, and we have ended our day here in deep thought and appreciation. Below, the original post from today. I could go on…but just know that it was just as anticipated…and much, much more.

ORIGINAL POST:We welcome again today the lovely poet, Karima Hoisan. She returns to engage us again in her wonderful poetic work. Karima is a very expressive artist and her words flow to surround us as she reads. Inspired by striking works of art that she also shows us as she reads, her poems are beautiful and address a range of topics that intrigue the listener. Her rich voice so well expresses the feelings in her poetry, and readers come away with a profound sense of having learnt something about themselves or about the topics Karima chooses for her work. Please join us at 1 PM SLT at The Magic Tree Reading Spot at Ce Soir. You will enjoy this special hour…

Then, at 3 PM SLT, we have a wonderful treat in store! Well-known and beloved musician TerryLynn Melody will bring her poetry to us, also at The Magic Tree Reading Spot. Her depth of emotion will come through her words in her own style of sharing. She will touch your heart and leave you pondering or deeply satisfied by the turns of her work. You will be touched, perhaps very deeply, and will leave Ce Soir wishing to hear more…and more. Please come along and settle in for a wonderful hour with TerryLynn. It is bound to be a joy for us all, and you will be welcomed warmly…

Tranquility descends at The Magic Tree Reading Spot at Ce Soir, where we gather to hear words of truth and beauty.


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