Monday Madness – wonderful, ain’t it?

Yep, me again. And Monday’s rolled round without too much fanfare – even as the Easter holiday comes to a close. We hope you and yours enjoyed the holiday together and enjoyed many happy hours and derived plenty of blessings too! It’s a special holiday, no matter your faith, for the theme of new life is everywhere – even in the weather as it warms and new green plants emerge from the cold, dark soil. What a beautiful time of year!

We’re gonna have a beautiful time of it tonight at Ce Soir – guarnateed! At 6 PM SLT, that glorious songstress, Loreen Aldrin takes the stage. Watch out SL! Here she comes! You don’t know which way she might go with her music on any given hour, but you can bet it’ll be fantastic! She’s got a golden voice and a nice way with her guitar…as well as a nice mix of musical styles to get you movin’! Come on over and enjoy with us! One of these nights (when her computer will allow), Loreen‘s gonna take to the piano. Oh, yeh! We can hardly wait. Until then…jump the jet and get on over here!

Then, at 7 PM SLT, none other than the guitar master himself takes the stage. He’ll be playing (and likely doing some singing too)…for TWO FULL HOURS of Guitar Therapy and fun with Anek Fuchs! This guy really brings it – and it’s always just stunning. His fingers are like magic, dancing like whirling dervishes across the strings, and his voice will take you by surprise, it’s so good! Everybody feels better after a session with Anek – you just can’t help it! There might be fire or a tornado, but definitely, there will be MUSIC! Don’t miss your appointment, now! It’s Guitar Therapy, and (as Mireille LOVES to say): the doctor is in!

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