Russell Eponym in at Ce Soir…and later: Ex-FM Radio Broadcasts LIVE – the fun begins at 2 PM SLT, TODAY!

Russell Eponym

RUSSELL EPONYM is often seen and heard here at Ce Soir. He was the very first musician and the very first poet to share his talents here last January. Opening Day at Ce Soir was epic…and Russell was one of the reasons why. His lovely vocals – rich like velvet, and his deft and unique finger-style guitar playing are just the beginning of what he offers in his musical show. A consummate artist, Russell reaches deep into British folk tradition and beyond, to embrace folk and blues from around the world. Historical tales set to music to contemporary tunes from the likes of Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman fill his repertoire, along with his very own enchanting and poetic compositions. Russell Eponym – covers and originals delivered with warmth and charm, just for you! Come gather with the Eponymous Family and enjoy! We never know what might come next – the banjo, the harmonica, the kazoooo…or just those wonderful songs we all love so much. It’s always unique and always fun, and no one can pull out all the stops like Russell…! HINT: Russell will read for us tomorrow at The Magic Tree Reading Spot at Ce Soir. The theme for the day is…animals. We can’t wait! Hmmm… Dress the part, if you have a furry avi, or just come to enjoy!

Experiment RhodeUp next at 4 PM SLT today, musicologist Experiment Rhode steps in, bringing us his unique and fresh take on the SL airwaves – broadcasting live from Ce Soir. Each two-hour show stands alone, as Ex dives deep into his archives of music from many eras. His understanding of popular music history is eclipsed only by his own musical talent as a pianist and songwriter. This gives Ex an edge in grasping the nuances of popular music history – from the songs to their writers and performers. Every set is filled with interesting trivia – and more. Ex loves our questions and he has many rich resources of information at his fingertips to answer them. If you are interested in how popular music has evolved to where it is today, this is the show for you! Tune in and enjoy!

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