Thursday – Poetry, Art and Music to fill the air…

Me again. Looks like the beautiful Mireille is knee-deep in other work at the venue this morning, so you’re stuck with me, again. Good thing that the day ahead looks like such a good one – starting with the inimitable Russell Eponym reading poetry at The Magic Tree Reading Spot here at Ce Soir, and ending with none other than The Sound Jeweler himself: MoShang Zhao on stage in the main venue space. So, let’s start off with a BANG! and end with soothing and energizing music – perfect to end the day or to enjoy any time. Sounds good to me!

Poet & Reader
Russell Eponym

First up at 1 PM SLT: POETRY WITH RUSSELL EPONYM: Animals in Nature. Ah! Spring is definitely in swing now…just look around you (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere of Mother Earth, that is!)… Greens upon greens, all nicely speckled with a rainbow of colourful flowers. Beautiful! And the air is fresh and light. As you enjoy nature’s blooming, come gather with us at The Magic Tree Reading Spot to be enchanted by Russell’s velvety voice as he regales us with beautiful and spirited poetry about our animal friends. What a delightful topic! I can’t wait! So…hop on the breeze below and join us on this lovely spring afternoon!

Sunrise Rhapsody

At 3 PM, we welcome someone new to the Ce Soir stage, German songstress Sunrise Rhapsody. Her voice is soft and beautiful and her general style may remind you of the wonderful Norah Jones or Eva Cassidy – nice company, that! We’re sure you’ll agree when you hear Sunrise singing. Come welcome her today and enjoy some fine standards sung with style and grace. It will be a lovely hour, and you are definitely invited!

PonDman Haalan

Immediately following Sunrise‘s debut show, the one and only PonDman Haalan takes the stage. He brings a rich history of songwriting and professional touring to his Second Life performances, and he loves to tell stories with his songs. He chooses some outstanding covers – things like “The City of New Orleans” and “Mr. Bojangles.” PonD knows these songs and what they mean to Americans and to people around the world. Come join us as we welcome him back to Ce Soir. “Sing the true song of your heart.” ~ PonD.

The Sound Jeweler
MoShang Zhao

We’ll take a little break and then…at 8 PM SLT, Ce Soir favourite and regular performer, MoShang Zhao will step to the microphone to enthrall us again with his unique and enchanting Chinese Chill. This is music inspired by the gems of sound MoShang finds in the streets of Taiwan, a lovely land where he and his family make their home. Taking these sounds and polishing them to musical perfection is what Chinese Chill is all about. Come share with us as we wind down the day – and the week – at Ce Soir with MoShang. You’ll come away refreshed and ready for sleep – or whatever your day will bring.

It’s been a fabulous week for us at Ce Soir, and many fine people have gathered to enjoy the poetry, art and music we have been blessed to share. The Ce Soir Guest Art Gallery is filled with beauty as the work of Lorac Farella graces the walls. Do stop in to see her stunning work – the detail of the human forms is astounding. Lorac is known in SL for her beautiful and flawless work on skins and shapes…and clothing (at Avatar Art/Pulse). Spend a little time with these outstanding pieces from her private collection on your next visit to Ce Soir.

Artist Lorac Farella
Artist Lorac Farella

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