Coming up at Ce Soir…

I just looked at Mireille’s schedule for Ce Soir next week, and I am amazed! It’s going to be a fantastic week ahead. Check this out:

♥.:*☆*:.♫~~APRIL at Ce Soir ~~♫.:*☆*:.♥

ARTIST OF THE MONTH: LORAC FARELLA  This deeply talented artist brings her RL work into SL at the Guest Gallery; it is simply breathtaking. In SL, her work includes the very best skins, shapes, and clothing to be found (Avatar Art – Pulse). Visit the Guest Gallery to enjoy these beautiful pieces from her private collection. The pieces are not for sale, but free for viewing – and enjoying – throughout the month of April.


5 PM Steely Decosta

6 PM TerryLynn Melody

7 PM Alex Mays

8 PM Tukso Okey


5 PM Gina Stella

6 PM Quantamis Navarathna

7 PM AM Forte

8 PM Anek Fuchs (2 hours)


1 PM Russell Eponym

2 PM JooZz Magic


5 PM Bright Oh

6 PM Christopher135 Quan

8 PM MoShang Zhao


11 AM Russell Eponym Reads Children’s Poetry & Nursery Rhymes


5 PM PM Bookmite

6 PM TwinGhost Ronas

7 PM Skye Galaxy

Now, that’s what I call a schedule!

We’ll miss Edward Kyomoon on Monday night, as he will be traveling IRL, but we have the fabulous Alex Mays in to take his spot. We’ve been wanting to have Alex in sometime, so this works out great for this week (and Edward will be back to his regular every-other-Monday slot next time!). And of course, we’re still missing JordanReyne Deezul, but we’re hoping – along with everyone – that she will soon be back on the grid.

Let me pause here, to thank once more cherryblnd Scribe and the folks at Idle Rogue (as well as Tigger OHare/J4ck Nichols & Lisa Brune and the folks at Portland/Tree of Lovers) for the wonderful fundraising efforts of last weekend (see previous post for more information). A HUGE “thank you” to the outstanding musicians who stepped up to provide two days of GREAT music for the events. To learn more about these events and the funds raised, check this website: Note too, it’s not too late to help Jordan, when you get there!

That is one of the best things about SL and the Live Music and Arts communities – caring and generosity.

Here’s to a great weekend, folks – and don’t forget about the many Relay for Life events and the Titanic Memorial. See you round the grid!

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