A Wonderful Wednesday Waits in the Wings – Come fly with us!

Ah, Wednesday! That pinnacle of the week, that day when we begin our turn toward the wonderful weekend… What better day to share some outstanding music with good friends in a peaceful atmosphere? Come along to Ce Soir today for just that – and more – today!

♫ ♬ 1 PM SLT at Ce Soir: RUSSELL EPONYM Live! ♫ ♬ A consummate artist, Russell Eponym charms audiences with his velvety voice and pleasing mix of “Folk, Blues and Beyond.” Historical folk tales set to music – to modern tunes from the likes of Bob Dylan and Tracy Chapman – are but a part of his extensive repertoire. Indeed, Russell’s own compositions are the highlight of his performance…and it’s all LIVE. Don’t miss this hour with The Music Whisperer! Join us at 1 PM SLT – and bring your smile!

That’s what I say in my announcement today…and it’s all true: Russell Eponym is indeed a consummate artist. He sings, plays an array of instruments, writes wonderful music that people across the grid enjoy, and he’s a poet – a gifted reader and writer of poetic verse and song. Please join us today, and as I said above: bring your smile, for you will use it! (Photo below by Skyspinner Soulstar)


♫ ♬ 2 PM SLT TODAY at Ce Soir: JooZz Magic ♫ ♬ Dutch musician JooZz Magic, playing his own compositions on electric keys, will join us for an hour of magical groove. Often danceable, always rich and spiked with healthy doses of melancholy and lessons of life, his music will fill the halls of Ce Soir with soaring sound. JooZz concerts are always fresh, filled with jazz, funk, ballads and other float-away tunes. Come along for the ride!

As you see, we are then graced with a visit by the fabulous JooZz Magic. He chose the right name, for magic he is – with the composer’s pen and the keyboard. His way with a song is just so wonderful, and when he speaks of “float-away tunes,” he knows what he is saying! I often find myself so immersed in his music as it fills the hall that I barely know – or care! – where I am. And yet, I find myself there, inside those notes. Come hear this music and you’ll soon know what I mean. JooZz. Magic! (Photo below by JooZz Magic)

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