We got off to a flying start for the week. First, there was lots of planning going on around the sim. Up and down, we’re looking at some pretty cool additions for summertime. Well, at least we think they’re pretty cool! Stick around. Let us know what you think, when the time comes! The guest experience at Ce Soir is primary, because we want you all to become friends, but still feel like welcome guests at the venue. ’nuff said – for now! Mireille giggles!

Steely Decosta

The Monday night lineup was spot on, each musician bringing his or her own style of musical talent to the experience. Steely Decosta got us rolling with some really nice blues-toned guitar and some great singing! Steely is from Kentucky, and that delightful “twang” (for lack of a better term) shines through, making every song just a wee bit sweeter. He has such a fantastic repertoire, but there is this one song that just gets me: Wildflowers, by Tom Petty. It just melts my heart, and the way Steely does it just just perfect! There’s something comfortable and down-home about Steely, and he’s got the musical chops to play pretty much anything he likes, and he’ll be back to Ce Soir in a fortnight to do just that!

TerryLynn Melody

Following Steely, as is her custom here at Ce Soir, TerryLynn Melody took the stage next. Always a delight, with that rich voice and warm, throaty giggle, TerryLynn again brought an emotional, insightful set for us to enjoy. But wait! As a poet who now also reads at Ce Soir, she followed an urge to share with us a new poem too. It was lovely, TerryLynn, and deeply moving, as is all her poetry. Ce Soir is all about creativity and expression, and this was a lovely moment of sharing, after which TerryLynn returned to serenading us with an array of wonderful songs, both covers and originals. It was a great hour with this truly talented songstress, and we cannot wait for her next show. But, wait we will…and we’ll be amply rewarded for it!

Alex Mays SLAs TerryLynn began wrapping up, Alex Mays arrived for his debut set at Ce Soir. New to the Ce Soir stage, this seasoned musician brought it all – the expressive voice and some rockin’ guitar riffs that filled the venue with electricity. Sher (Salmson) told us that Alex was a party, and she was very right about that! His energy was contagious, and soon we were all rocking to his tune – and loving it! So full of vim and vigor he was, soon we found Alex popping around the venue, serenading this one or that. It was great – and let’s just say there was a lot of swooning goin’ on! It was a rollicking good time, with some of the best music to be found – rock, blues, and so much more – and you can look for Alex Mays to return to Ce Soir with his impressive repertoire for us to enjoy!

Tukso Okey

After that, what could we do but line up to hear none other than Tukso Okey – master of his own unique, meserising sound? This veritable one-man-band is simply, incredible. That beat! It’s undeniable, and the sizeable crowd just seemed to move as one as the music went on, weaving this way and that, taking us higher and higher. Shouts of “Go, Tukso, Go” and “Tukso has his mojo working!” filled the air. He and his music draw us in and it is a thrilling hour, every time! The hour passed as we all lost track of the clock as the notes (and that sometimes whispery, sometimes raspy, and always sensual voice) swirled about our heads and made our bodies move! The Tukso Experience is one not to be missed, and you can catch him here, two weeks hence. But don’t wait! Find him elsewhere on the grid in the meantime. You deserve it!

What a night, eh? Oh, yesssss! Come along every Monday night at Ce Soir for a rockin’ good time! Next week: Loreen Aldrin returns with her voice, guitar – and maybe (if her computer will allow) – piano! Whatever she plays it is guaranteed to be awesome, so don’t miss it! And, after Loreen wows us, pied piper (with guitar!) Anek Fuchs will take us to that other dimension during two hours of Guitar Therapy. We all need that, right? mmhmmm…we sure do! And then, the week after that, we’ll do this Monday all over again. Rock wizard Edward Kyomoon will return, but do look for Alex Mays in the schedule too!

Catch all these amazing artists elsewhere on the grid – we encourage you to do that. But don’t forget us! We want Ce Soir to be a place you enjoy, so come round, anytime! The venue space is filled with fun and interesting little nooks for couples and singles to enjoy, and we welcome you to explore. Look for a post on that this coming weekend. Hint, hint!

Of course, the Guest Gallery at Ce Soir Arts is host to the stunning work of Lorac Farella – through the month of April. Her beautiful, hand drawn art will surprise you with incredible detail and realism. The human forms come to life as you gaze upon them. These pieces are from her private collection and are not for sale, but are yours to enjoy at no charge. Come spend some time in the gallery; it’s a lovely space, now filled with astounding art from one of the most sought-after creators in SL. Don’t miss it!

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