Thursday – one step closer to le weekend!

I know, I know! Thursday is more than just another step towards Saturday. Jeeezzz, of course, I know that! (LOL) So, let’s see what the lovely Mireille has in store for us today….

Ah, yes! M. Bright. M has called Bright Oh “Monsieur Bright” ever since I can remember. He apparently does not mind, as he answers to the same, so we’re good! And he is one who pronounces M’s name right. Heck, he even writes is out phonetically for all the world to see: Mirray! YAY! (Or, as M herself would say: YAYA!) LOL…

Today at 5 PM SLT, M. Bright Oh will pop round to Ce Soir, set up his equipment, and start strumming and singing those wonderful ballads for which he is known. If you like lovely love songs, you’re gonna love Bright! More than a balladeer, his singing is just spot on, and the songs he pens (on his own or with SOAR bandmate, Experiment Rhode) are simply beautiful. They seem to tell a story of love and we really like that, here at Ce Soir; indeed, M. Bright fits right in! Come along to hear this outstanding singer/songwriter/guitarist as he serenades you and makes you smile. He chats along throughout his set with great humour and style uniquely his own, and you can’t help but enjoy yourself throughout the hour. Bright Oh: brilliant!

Christopher135 Quan

Up next at 6 PM SLT is the wonderfully talented singer/songwriter/pianist Christopher135 Quan. A professional musician, through and through, Christopherbrings his considerable talent to bear in every set. His way with a song is charming to say the least, and you will find yourself swirling across the dance floor or simply swaying in time to the music as it fills the hall. An award-winning songwriter, Christopher will enthrall you as he also shares his own heartfelt compositions, along with those well-chosen covers that enchant audiences across the grid. Come along and enjoy a not-to-be-missed hour with this musical master and professional performer. Be enchanted and let him sweep you away tonight!

MoShang Zhao

A little break, and then we’re back at 8 PM SLT with our weekly fave, MoShang Zhao. What a pleasure it is to hear the silken tones of music from The Sound Jeweler! This unique and lovely music is both energising and soothing to the spirit. MoShang‘s blend of cool, downbeat electronica is quite a way to close the day or to enjoy anytime. Come join us and enjoy these audio jewels that have been plucked from the streets of Taiwan and polished to musical perfection. Your ears will thank you, and your spirit will too. M calls it “an elegant slide into the night,” and I agree with her. Ahhhh!

OK, people! Thanks for droppin’ by the blog. See you soon!

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