Something very special, this way comes…today!

✫✦❀RUSSELL EPONYM Reads Children’s Poetry & Nursery Rhymes at Ce Soir – 11 AM SLT ❀✦✫

Poet Russell Eponym

Russell Eponym, known far and wide as an outstanding musician, songwriter and poet, brings to us today a charming hour of children’s poetry and nursery rhymes. Join us at Ce Soir‘s The Magic Tree Reading Spot at 11 AM SLT. Not only will Russell read some of the most charming and delightful of rhymes, he will also explain some of the imagery as he goes along. An astute and experienced poet, Russell brings a rich history in education and the arts to everything he does. Come relax in the warm ambience as we gather round The Magic Tree on the venue grounds to hear Russell read in his wonderfully expressive voice these enchanting words as they paint fanciful pictures and evoke sweet memories for us to enjoy.

Catch the breeze…

The Magic Tree Reading Spot


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